Security Council of the UN and EU support France

Security Council of the UN and EU support France -

A week after the deadly attacks in Paris France received key support in the fight against jihadism European Union (EU) agreed to step up controls on its citizens traveling abroad, among other measures, while its resolution before the Security Council of the UN to act against Islamic State (EI) was approved unanimously.
While holders Justice and Home Affairs EU meeting in Brussels at the request of France after the attacks of EI that killed 130 people in its capital, agreed to step up controls throughout Europe, the French Parliament today approved definitively the extension for three months the state of emergency (site) declared last Friday.
the EU members agreed to increase control on its citizens traveling abroad, strengthen arms control and collect more data on airline passengers, the news agency EFE reported.
also agreed to share more intelligence, especially on suspects as the Belgian and French that it is believed that returned from Syria to attack in Paris and implement new controls on bitcoin, cash and other ways to move money outside the supervised banking systems.
"We must act firmly, we need to do it quickly and hard, "said French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, at a news conference, praising the support that France had received.
there is evidence that some of the attackers were in Paris which anti-terrorist watchlists reached Europe among dozens of refugees or with false passports, the data of all travelers, including EU citizens, entering and leaving the borders of the countries of the Schengen zone will be systematically checked with the police databases .
currently, most EU citizens are hardly subjected to visual checks of the documents.
in addition, under pressure from France, the European ministers also agreed to revise the Schengen border system for these systematic checks EU citizens are mandatory and also to introduce checks biometric for those who cross borders data.
the arrival this year of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, including many Syrian refugees, and subsequent mass movements across European borders, shook the Schengen common system that allows competent authorities of the Member States to obtain information regarding certain categories of persons and objects.
security fears after what happened in Paris have also seen how states reintroducing checks borders before unheeded.
in this context, the Security Council of the UN today encouraged all countries able to take "all necessary measures" to take action against jihadists EI in Syria and Iraq, which wants to establish a caliphate.
the highest decision making body of the UN unanimously adopted a resolution driven by France in response to the attacks in Paris.
the text proposes to "step up and coordinate" the fight against terrorism, expresses the intention to expand sanctions against individuals and entities associated with EI and asked to do more to stop the flow of foreign fighters into the Middle East.
But despite that call to use "all necessary measures" against the jihadists, the resolution does not invoke chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, which traditionally provides the legal framework for the use of force.
condemns text "tougher terms" the "heinous terrorist attacks by EI" in June in the city Tunisian Susa in October in Ankara and shooting down a Russian plane over the Sinai and in Paris a week ago, as well as all other attacks committed by the group.
According to the Security Council, the EI "has the ability and intent to carry out more attacks "and represents an" unprecedented global threat to international peace and security. "
" Facing Daesh, we have humanity in common. We, the peoples of the United Nations, we have the duty to defend it, "he said today immediately after the vote Francois Delattre, the French ambassador.
Meanwhile, the French parliament today definitively approved the extension for three months the state of emergency, which had yesterday received preliminary approval in the Lower House.
the text, which was endorsed by the vast majority of legislators -336 of the 348 present, while the remaining 12-communist and environmentalists refrained from vote, was not debated at second reading in any of the two Chambers, despite the restrictions of freedoms posed.
the new law modifies an approved in 1955 when France introduced for the first time the state of emergency, and is expected to be enacted before the end of next week, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said.
the extension of the state of emergency will start from next Thursday, when the established expires by decree early on Saturday shortly after the attacks.
Upon approval, the prefect of the French department of Yonne, in northern France, declared a curfew in the town of Sens.
the measure will be in effect until next Monday from 10 pm today until 6 am (French time).
the curfew was declared after the raid on a house in Sens where illegal weapons, false documents were found and stopped several people.
Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Paris prosecutor's office, reported that the woman who died last Wednesday in a police operation against an apartment in Saint Dennis was Hasna Aitboulahcen and did not commit suicide by detonating an explosive belt, as the prosecution said in a earlier, but did not specify the conditions of his death.
"it is still too early to establish the conditions of his death," said the source quoted by the news agency EFE ..
Nor has been able to determine the gender of the third person killed in Saint Dennis, whose body was found today and that was initially thought was a man, said the spokesman for the Attorney General.
what if corroborated researchers is that the alleged mastermind of the attacks, the Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was killed in that operation.

Source: Telam

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