Nicolas Maduro said there is no time for sadness

Nicolas Maduro said there is no time for sadness -

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro , he said there is no time to "sadness" after the victory of what he called the "counter-revolution" in the legislative elections on Sunday and called for "a crusade" of dialogue with the people to strengthen the union movement and providing a "rectifying" action.
"there is no time for sadness, that no one be confused with sadness and pain, is no time to mourn, it's time to fight and today more than ever, "the madantario said last night.
" has opened a new stage in the Bolivarian revolution and us with pain here, the sadness that has brought us all this electoral reverse, we get commander flag (Hugo) Chavez is our inspiration, "he added.
" I call to humility, to sit and listen, to sort and dispose us to action, grinding, deep, constructive. you do not know the pain that we have today in the heart after confirming this electoral setback as the bourgeoisie did harm to people, not only economically but he mistook important sectors of our beloved people, "
also reported that business organizations such as FEDECAMARAS, Consecomercio and House Real Estate are asking the new opposition legislators to repeal the organic labor laws, fair prices.; Lease urban land and against real estate scam. "
" Come to impose the neoliberal restoration of the extreme right because yesterday (Sunday) win a counterrevolution, "he said.
Thus announced that it agreed to start a" crusade "dialogue" rather democratic, very deep and instructive but especially we the clarity of the steps that must be taken in this complex path after the counterrevolution had this victory in the National Assembly. "
also indicated that this week will meet with the congress extraordinary delegates ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the general secretaries of all movements and parties of the ruling alliance known as the Patriotic Great Polo and presidential councils of popular power.
warned that "come complex situations" with the triumph of the opposition in the legislative and the majority that "for now" have in Parliament, but said that the revolutionary bloc defend "the laws of popular power, the laws of missions, the great missions, work and the nation. "
" it drool madness, ambition for power, the interests and groups, so but we will continue on the streets, "he said.
according to the National Electoral Council, the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) received a total of 107 deputies (64.07%) to the National Assembly (AN), while the ruling PSUV won 55 seats (32.93%), indigenous communities three banks (1.80%), leaving two places awarded. However, the MUD said he got 112 deputies, which would reach two-thirds of the House.

Source: Telam

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