Spanish Court annulled secessionist declaration of Catalonia

Spanish Court annulled secessionist declaration of Catalonia -

The Constitutional Court (TC) Spanish annulled the declaration adopted by the secessionist Parliament of Catalonia and which he was already was suspended. L he independence forces sought to use as a base to advance the process of breaking with Spain.

The judgment of the High Court, was adopted unanimously and believes that the attentive secessionist statement against the Constitution Spanish because beyond the limits of political acts, being "capable of producing legal effects" as it seeks independence for the northern region for Spain, according to the resolution that had Telam access.

statement challenged "ignores and violates the constitutional rules residencian in the Spanish people for national sovereignty and that correspondingly, affirm the unity of the Spanish nation, holder of that sovereignty," said the 11 judges in his ruling.

the constitutional violation, say the judges, not due to a misguided permitted by the Constitution understanding, but an "explicit rejection" of the Constitution which arrogates of sovereignty and constituent power that denies ordering legal state.

in a record time of three weeks, the judges gave reason to the Spanish government Mariano Rajoy , that on 11 November last filed an appeal of unconstitutionality against declaration adopted two days before the Catalan Parliament independence forces Junts Pel Yes and CUP (Popular Unity Candidates).

the two groups have a majority in the Catalan parliament from the regional elections on 27 September past.

"with this decision, the court shows that all Spaniards are equal before the law and nobody is above it," Rajoy said in a brief speech at the Moncloa Palace in Madrid .

from Catalonia, the vice president of the Catalan government, Neus Munté said shortly after the judgment of the TC "will not stop the political effects of the declaration of secession."

Source: Telam

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