Hallan repressor in Israel, but the state refuses extradition

Hallan repressor in Israel, but the state refuses extradition -

In February this year, the Argentine-born journalist Shlomo Slutzky I revealed in a documentary broadcast by Channel 1 local television that the former repressor Teodoro Hannibal Gauto , sought for Justice Argentina and Interpol for crimes against humanity, is living in Israel.

a Gauto against him "homicide, illegal imprisonment, torture and abduction" crimes he had committed during the years of bloody civil-military dictatorship that was installed in power in 1976 in Argentina.

The work of the journalist Slutzky was instrumental in locating Gauto and disseminate the moral implications of the fact that a criminal of this kind, accused of crimes against humanity, had found refuge in a country that just justifies its creation by the need for a "national home" for the Jewish people, victim of anti-Semitic persecution, especially after the Holocaust.

Thus, it is hoped that the Israeli Government hurry to cooperate with Argentina and international Justice to allow it to condemn sinister characters, as is the if Gauto.

However, although his identity was discovered, the state of Israel shows no signs of collaboration to deliver Gauto to Argentina justice to prosecute legally.

Gauto live with his family in the Mediterranean coastal city of Haifa. The fugitive, who at first had agreed to a personal interview with Slutzky, repented and gave a telephone conversation in which he said: "While I am in this country (Israel), and moderately to stretch the issue, that is, play with the theme that no extradition, I will continue here. If I go to Argentina and introduce myself I will lock in a dungeon, and I ... obviously I'm not ready for that, "he said in the televised report.

This is arousing a new wave of stupor in Israel, especially within the democratic forces of the country and, in this regard, it is worth noting the role being played by the Argentine colony. A campaign of public pressure on the Israeli Interior Ministry is developing to end the delay of the Government before the extradition of criminal.

They fear that the fugitive criminal again vanish without a trace.

* written by Saul Feldman, an activist for human rights in the State of Israel (shaul1776@013.net.) Note

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