Brazil requires court majority to impeach promote

Brazil requires court majority to impeach promote -

The Court of Brazil made in an appeal by the ruling party for a special majority is required in Congress to approve impeachment, which meant a respite for the government, but does not prevent continued tension with the opposition, which officials proposed to restore dialogue to avoid a "fratricidal war" .

the government stressed that a political trial to impeach the president, Dilma Rousseff would be a "constitutional breakdown" after today a judge thwarted the attempt by the opposition to speed that process when he accepted an appeal by Wadih Damous, deputy of the Workers Party (PT).

Minister Teori Zavaski , the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil (STF), took place the request and the opposition acknowledged receipt and did not push today, as announced, the beginning of the trial against Rousseff.

acceptance of this resource requires that the request for impeachment, as he is called impeachment, has the vote of 3/5 of the Chamber of Deputies and no simple majority. This provision nullifies an interpretation of the regulations made by the holder of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha.

At its foundation, the judge also asks Cunha to explain its interpretation of how it should be treated any request for impeachment. Thus, the Court does not closed the case and await the response of the legislature, which nevertheless can take action to impeach making use of other procedural means.

Brazil dawned today marked by a tense political climate with a meeting in the morning between the opposition and Cunha in which the strategy was adjusted to give effect to begin the process of impeachment.

the agreement stated that Cunha was to announce that he rejected a request for impeachment of jurist Helio Bicudo and automatically, the opposition would appeal the rejection and put the issue to a vote to consider the "admissibility" of the trial, say local and international media.

Hours later known the judge's ruling of the Supreme court judge Rosa Weber made place to another under the same line.

the government warning about the attempt to "institutional rupture" came at a time when the press and some political sectors insisted that this week could open a process of prosecution against Rousseff for fiscal maneuvers aimed at making up the public accounts in 2014, when he was re-elected for the new term.

the Constitution provides for the possibility to dismiss a chief state, but to start the trial requires legal reasons. The decision to proceed with a process of this nature must be taken by Cunha, who until now received twenty requests and rejected half for lack of such "legal basis".

Cunha, who in turn is being investigated for money laundering in the Petrobras case, reported that not rule on requests for impeachment until you have extended their arguments to substantiate why demand output Rousseff government.

Amid the morass legal, former President Lula da Silva criticized the opposition for supporting orders for opening a case against the president and asked them to take their defeat at the polls

Source:. Telam

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