France: the far right won regional elections

France: the far right won regional elections -

The leader of the Eurosceptic and xenophobic National Front (FN) Marine Le Pen , said today that the victory of his party in the first round of French regional elections is "the revolt of the people against the elites."

citizens, as indicated on RTL radio, "do not support and the contempt of a political class that has defended its interests "and not those of the population for years.

the FN struck yesterday a blow to the center-right alliance led by Nicolas Sarkozy and socialists, who may lose much of their share of power in the regions.

Le Pen considered that this result, obtained "despite the insults" leveled against his group, is not a surprise, but the result of " a long progression, "and the finding of" a movement that is implanted. "

" Testing the FN, it is to adopt, "said the far-right president, who aspired to win in the second round next Sunday the biggest possible number of regions to show that the debt or tax increases are not inevitable, "but a political choice."

the country, he said, is in a dramatic situation in terms of wealth creation and the French "feel like change."

Le Pen asked not to caricature the arguments of his party, and wondered what's so extreme, "say that we must cease the current flow of immigrants, when France can not afford to host them ", or stating that" we must stop helping large financial groups to support small businesses. "

the far-right leader felt that the defeat of the Socialist Party (PS) French President François Hollande is a sort of "collective suicide" for such training, but branded as unfair and undemocratic decision to withdraw from the regions where they have no chance of winning to favor the center-right detriment of the FN.

the division lists -the Green left and the left Front was attended by separators and erosion of President François Hollande, who could not win a single election since he was elected president in 2012, it constituted an insurmountable obstacle to the PS.

xenophobic and anti-European right, led by own Le Pen, won devastating results. Both the president of the party as his niece and political heir, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, exceeded 40% of the votes in the regions of Nord-Pas de Calais-Picardie and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, respectively.

Both regions, in one way or another, suffer or fear the consequences of the influx of refugees this year plunged Europe into a crisis that even has identity dimension.

in the first, where the villas are located misery of those who try to cross as stowaways to the UK by Eurotunnel, which begins in Calais, Le Pen came to shake the fear of the possibility that the accumulation of migrants provoke epidemics.

the second, next to Italy , has its doors themselves, in Ventimiglia, a refugee camp that pressure all the time deep into the Gallic country.
also got a historical result the number two of Le Pen, Florian Philipot, who won close 40% of the vote in Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne-Ardennes.

in total, the National Front was, according to estimates, the largest party in six of the thirteen regions in which the country is divided after administrative simplification launched by Hollande (so far were 22), reported the news agency EFE.

Republicans Sarkozy allies centrist UDI failed in their attempt to be the most voted, though are in a good position to seize several regions in the second round, which pass all the lists that have exceeded 10%.

that goal will have the reluctant support of the Socialist Party, to curb the FN decided to withdraw their candidacies of the two regions where the party of Le Pen are likely to succeed.

the first secretary of the socialists, Jean Christophe Cambadélis announced severely the formation of a so-called "Republican dam "to prevent the passage of ultranationalists.

However, the gesture did not find reflection in the center-right.

stroke of a pen Sarkozy ended speculation by proposing that his party" nor merge (left) nor retire "in the second round where he can benefit the Socialist Party against the extreme right.

" We need to listen and understand the exasperation of the French and also those who have chosen to FN "because not doing so would be" irresponsible, "Sarkozy said after the first results.

However, the party led by Le Pen will not necessarily stay with most of the 1,757 directorships 153 regional and regional directors that must be renewed at the polls.

Many of the charges may have to be settled by the 44.6 million French eligible to vote in the balotage, next Sunday.

amid a massive military and police presence throughout the country, set in the highest level of alert that exists since the attacks of Paris, election day was conducted without any inconvenience or irregularity.

these elections were held in a particularly unusual context, amid a state of emergency and only three weeks after jihadist attacks in Paris and Saint Denis, on 13 November, in which 130 people died.

Source: Telam

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