"Violence does not solve the problems of humanity"

"Violence does not solve the problems of humanity" -

The Pope Francisco said today that "the path of violence does not solve the problems of humanity" , after expressing his "deep sorrow" for the terrorist attacks Friday night left more than 0 dead in France.

"I express my deep sorrow for the terrorist attacks Friday night bloodied France, causing many casualties, "said the Pope to give the Angelus this Sunday in St. Peter's Square visibly guarded.

" the President of the French Republic and all citizens I extend the expression of my deepest sympathy. they are close, especially to the families of those who lost their lives and injured, "added the Holy Father, who yesterday had already qualified as an act" non-human "what happened in the capital gala.

"Using the name of God to justify this is blasphemy," he added.

"Such barbarity leaves us surprised and wonder how the human heart can conceive and create this kind of horrific events that have shaken not only France but the whole world, "said Francisco, who on Saturday described the event as" a part of the third world war ".

"Faced with these intolerable acts, one can not but condemn the unspeakable human dignity attack. I want to strongly reaffirm that the path of violence and hatred does not solve problems humanity, "he said against the faithful in St. Peter's Square

." I invite you to join me in prayer: we trust them to the mercy of God the helpless victims of this tragedy. the Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, will inspire in the hearts of all thoughts of wisdom and intentions of peace. we ask you to protect and ensure the beloved French nation, Europe and the whole world, "he concluded.

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