The opposition in Brazil remain with the seal of coup

The opposition in Brazil remain with the seal of coup -

Franklin Martins, journalist and former minister in the government of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva it heralded a "victorious" exit from the crisis facing the government in Brazil and risked that "politicians and media who want a coup going to pay a very high price" and in a few years "will stay with the seal putschists. "
former Minister of the Ministry of Communication in the government of Lula said Brazil" is a democratic country that has fought a lot to achieve democracy "and that line remarked that" those politicians and media communication are making a democratic rupture, they want a coup, though with a legally layer will not be victorious. "
in an interview with Telam referred to the orders of political judgment that the opposition presented to Congress with a view to oust president Dilma Rousseff, who is accused of alleged "crimes of responsibility." For Martins, besides not achieve that goal, the opposition and the media "will pay a high price in the coming years because they will be with the seal of putschists."
journalist and current advisor to the Lula Institute visited Buenos Aires to participate in the seminar "Corporations media and its impact on Democratic Processes South-South", organized by the International Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights (CIPDH).
its activity places it as a leader in issues media and democracy; "It is interesting to state that it is essential for social inclusion, for human dignity and for the exercise of the rights of citizens to have a plural press, a press that does not always have the same opinion on everything. It is crucial and important that there are many voices ", he stressed on the subject
For the former minister, the media in Brazil, especially radio and television." Have a single speech: the monumental crisis, the country that is going to sink the end of the world, and say that the adjustment to decrease a number of things, things that are better for workers to get out of that is necessary. It's a tough fight, "he summarized. Understands that in this scenario the worst enemy of the government are the media with the opposition try to get Rousseff of power.
"The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha, (the allied PMDB but enemy personnel of the president) it has a past and very questionable present, but they put him there so he could get on with the impeachment, and now there are documents showing that he (Cunha) is the most corrupt, he embodies all the corruption, "he said .
Days ago the Justice launched an investigation against Cunha when he discovered that the head of the lower house had five secret Swiss accounts in which deposited money allegedly received bribes made in the web of corruption that spattered Petrobras. While the legislature denied the allegations seven parties filed a complaint with the Ethics Commission to resign the office, and even the opposition itself began to distrust the deputy.
But as regards the government, Martins recognizes that Brazil live "a very difficult time because there are economic problems and there are also political errors." At that point, he explained that a "hotly contested" presidential elections in which "the people voted an option to deepen the changes and not accept setbacks" won last October.
"After the victory, the government was silent and he spoke the other side, and politics is political dispute. You have to give the dispute. Since the government did not and that sowed uncertainty in many sectors especially in sectors that voted for Dilma, but I think now she changed her attitude, is responding more, "he reflected.
For Martins, the goal is to stay united against the attacks. "You have to understand that a battle like this can only be won with the people, and if one explains that happens every day to people what is happening. Believe that the truth will prevail over lies naturally is a mistake; the truth prevails over falsehood because he fights with lies, "he added.
As an example, he mentioned that" Christ fought for three years and finally chose Barabbas rather than Christ. " "It's always like this, if we think naturally the truth triumph over falsehood is a misunderstanding," he said.
Some of those mistakes mentioned fall in the way we communicate proposed by the government in the hands of Minister Profile fiscal adjustment neoliberal Joaquim Levy, who discouraged to petistas first time, and became defensive guilds and unions, old allies of the government.
"you have to make the adjustment, the problem is that speech can not be ' setting speech 'because the main thing is not fit, but the changes. If for further changes, including whether to continue to salaries continue to rise, so that the program My home My life is bigger, I need to make adjustments, be made. But you have to explain, "he argued.
softened immediately their position and stressed that" in recent weeks the government understood to be more proactive and have confidence that the people can understand things if you have the leadership to explain " .
"There is a monumental hypocrisy in opposition, but that does not mean that the government has to improve. The issue is that there is no doubt that the government will improve, and the opposition will not improve because he is a prisoner to a speech of hatred, prejudice, anti-democracy. You want to avoid the discussion of political and social programs. Do not assume they want setbacks and avoid substantive discussion, "he summarized.
Finally, he stressed firmly that" Brazil is a very big country, very mature, he knows he will not return democracy to coup. It will not return, "he said.

Source: Telam

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