The Venezuelan opposition won for the first time in 17 years

The Venezuelan opposition won for the first time in 17 years -

President of National Electoral Council (CNE) , Tibisay Lucena, with 96.03% reported of the votes counted that Democratic Unity Table (MUD) won 72 deputies via nominal and 27 voting list, which adds 99 seats for the composition of the next Legislative Assembly (AL), while the ruling Kingdom Socialist party of Venezuela (PSUV) obtained 24 nominal representatives and 22 voting list, which adds 46 deputies.

Moreover, the official said that 19 deputies, 17 nominal and two lists are not allocable, but did not say what about those seats.

Altogether were at stake 167 seats, although the total sum of the results released by Lucena reach 164.

in any case, the results are not definitive and is possible that the opposition to the government of Nicolas Maduro will try to get to meet the two-thirds of the body, 112 seats, which is the number you need to submit a referendum to approve the bills, treaties, conventions or agreements that could compromise national sovereignty.

Moreover, with the most opponents could appoint members of the CNE, currently held by the ruling Partiso Socialista Unido de Venezuela ( PSUV) and take the initiative to convene a National Assembly, among others.

Lucena stressed that the parliamentary elections represented a great day for democracy, in which a stake of 77.25% of the registered electorate .
"As we have said repeatedly the process has a civic spirit and were confident believing in the people today would be a great demonstration of good citizenship (...) we congratulate the people of Venezuela for the exemplary day," said the head of . CNE

Source: Telam

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