Francisco historic speech in the US Congress

Francisco historic speech in the US Congress -

Pope Francisco will speak before the full Congress , one of the events most relevant to your agenda five days in that country, where he will deliver a speech in English.

"there have been many comments on what the Pope will say and if address this issue or that," but Francisco "transcends all this, "said the president of the House, Republican John Boehner , in a statement.

" appeals to our better angels and brings us back to our daily obligations. the best thing all we will do is listen, open our hearts to his message and reflect on their example, "he added who extended the invitation to the leader of the Vatican to be directed to the Capitol.

Concluded the speech of about 40 minutes duration, Jorge Bergoglio tour the hall of statues to visit the Blessed canonized yesterday, the Franciscan missionary Junipero Serra, which together with former President Ronald Reagan, represent the state of California.

Then he will moved to the balcony of the president of the lower house where they will be waiting about 50 thousand people.

Francisco close its activities in Washington with a visit to St. Patrick's cathedral and a meeting with charities in the area and in the afternoon will depart to New York where he will stay one day and a half, and then conclude his agenda in the United States over the weekend in Philadelphia.

Source: Telam

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