WHO declared an end to the epidemic of Ebola in Guinea

WHO declared an end to the epidemic of Ebola in Guinea -

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared today the end of Ebola in Guinea , where two years ago the first case that resulted in the epidemic, when being fulfilled 42 days since the last person infected gave negative on two consecutive occasions proof evidence of the virus in recorded blood.

The epidemic that originated in Guinea had spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone , and caused more than 28,000 cases, with more than 13,000 deaths, according slogan EFE.

Following the announcement by the organization based in Geneva, Guinea enters a period of ninety days reinforced health surveillance to ensure that any new case is identified quickly before it spreads between the population.

at the same time, in this new phase efforts will be made to rehabilitate the national health services, which were broken by the impact of the epidemic it came to cause small outbreaks in Nigeria and Mali .

in Senegal, Spain, United States, Italy and the UK isolated cases of national, mostly doctors and nurses-who had contracted the Ebola virus were treated in one of the three most affected countries while they are attending the sick.

"the original chain of transmission began two years ago in Gueckedou, Guinea, at the end of December 2013, and spread to Liberia neighbors and Sierra Leone and finally seven other countries through land and air travel, "said WHO in a statement.

in addition to the original transmission chain ten small outbreaks of Ebola were detected between last March and November, which seem related to the reappearance of the virus persists in a part of the surviving male population.

udios scientists conducted during this epidemic confirmed for the first time that the Ebola virus can persist up to nine . to twelve months in the semen of certain men who were infected

Source: Telam

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