UN highlights Argentina as the global benchmark refugee

UN highlights Argentina as the global benchmark refugee -

Authorities United Nations (UN) and consular highlighted in the Italian city of Milan to Argentina as "world leader "in its treatment of refugees, and highlighted the decision of the president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, to receive people fleeing Syria.

" Latin America, particularly Argentina have standards for the protection of refugees highest worldwide, "he said Marco Formisano , the regional department for America of UN Office for Refugees (UNHCR), while participating in the seminar "How migrants feed the planet."

"Many Argentines were refugees during the military dictatorship and today the country is world leader with respect to those seeking such protection globally. the process 'Cartagena + 30' demonstrates the leadership in South America to raise standards of protection of refugees. Argentina receives refugee status to people fleeing Syria, but also under a humanitarian visa that extends protection mechanisms, "said Formisano.

The Argentine consul general in Milan, Luciano Both Clement he noted that from "the touching picture of Aylan Kurdi, the migration issue received massive attention of public opinion," as enunciated by opening the seminar held at the Universal Expo Milan 2015, as part of a series of meetings entitled "Argentina feeds the debate."

"the idea of ​​this seminar dates back to the beginning of the year and the impact that the issue has now it was a great opportunity for Argentina to convey their positive experience matter of reception of migrants "Both contextualized Clement.

Meanwhile, Pierre Francesco Majorino, the Commune of Milan, celebrated Argentina initiative and stressed that the exhibition is done in the Italian city until 31 October "is not only for entertainment but also a discussion platform for the international community."

"Milan provided support to more than 76,000 Syrian refugees in recent years. To migration we must abandon the dramatic vocabulary into positive language you see abroad as a contribution to the development and shaping the identity of a country. The Commune of Milan held that Argentina used the Expo to promote debate on migration in a positive light, "reinforced Majorinus.

" Immigration is part of the history of the world, so it must be confronted positively and to shed light. Is an opportunity that seals the identity of a country and serves as a great platform chat between his people and culture of the immigrant "asked the representative italiano.En that line, Martin Lettieri, deputy commissioner of the Argentine flag, he stated that" the challenges that international migration and refugee protection are complex face, but should not be addressed from prejudice or discrimination. "

" the dramatic humanitarian situation is not new, and Argentina has demonstrated its democratic identity and plural to address it for many years. We can have a closed and exclusive look on immigration or open, analyzing the history of the country, without prejudices about it. The country is the other, and the other is the immigrant abroad. Why we say that "the country is the immigrant, '" reinforced Lettieri.

At that point Alejandro Meringer , the National Directorate of Migration, raised so that "Argentina Law No. 25,871 approved during the presidency of Nestor Kirchner was praised internationally to promote real immigration policy and that is essentially based on what Argentina says the Constitution where it says "... and for all men the world who wish to dwell on Argentine soil ... "and that immigrants access to education, health, art and commerce."

"Argentina rejects the concept of illegal immigration, but recognizes the human right to migrate. People migrate with their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights ", raised Meringer, and argued that" the focus of Argentina is to accept the reality of migration by facilitating their establishment and avoiding their criminalization. "

Source: Telam

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