The European Union calls for solidarity to countries with refugees

The European Union calls for solidarity to countries with refugees -

The head of government of European Union (EU), Jean-Claude Juncker asked before Parliament block that its members show "solidarity" and 0,000 refugees Middle East and Africa divide in the next two years, a figure only covers a little more than a third of the newcomers in 2015.

speaking at the headquarters of the European parliament in Strasbourg, France, lack of European solidarity with thousands of refugees fleeing violence returned to be naked on the borders between Hungary and Serbia , and between Denmark and Germany .

Again hundreds of refugees fled forces Hungarian security who tried to register them and take them to a very poor reception center, while the Danish government he stopped train traffic from Germany to prevent the arrival of thousands of people who seek to follow the way to the neighboring Sweden .

the today was not the first time that Juncker, president of the European Commission (EC) - the executive of the EU, tried to convince the member states approve lock joint and coordinated response to the arrival of more than 366,000 refugees and immigrants from the Middle East and Africa so far this year.

the EC tried to distribute 40,000 refugees between countries and failed. A month and a half later, after a dramatic increase in the number of newcomers to the ports of Greece and Italy, Juncker tried again and even doubled the bet.

"Europe must take in their arms to these 0,000 and this must be done on a mandatory basis, "said the European leader in his first State of the Union in Strasbourg since taking office last November, according to the news agency EFE.

on 14 next September will be held an extraordinary council of interior ministers of the EU, Juncker asked to remember that Europe is a continent "where almost everyone at some point have been refugees" by different wars and persecutions.

it is "a matter of humanity and human dignity," he said.

the leader also stressed that it is not an impossible feat as newly arrived refugees represent only 0.11% of the European population whereas neighboring countries of Syria, the main ejector civilians after more than four years of civil war, receive the vast majority of the more than four million citizens who fled the country.

for example, in the small territory of Lebanon, Syrian refugees already amount to 25% of the population, while in Jordan, the refugee camp of Zaatari and became the fourth most populous city.

what proposed Juncker to MEPs is "a temporary and mandatory emergency relocation between Member States of 0,000 arrivals to Hungary, Greece and Italy, in addition to the 40,000" the first draft of the EC last July.

This distribution system will cost about 780 million euros-every refugee will receive 6,000 euros and member states that do not meet their quota must pay an extra EU financial item.

the first stage of this system, ie the distribution of 40,000 refugees, was approved today by MEPs by 498 votes in favor, 158 against and 37 abstentions. The support of the legislative body is not binding on the Member States, but only a resolution advisory.

The second stage will distribute the remaining 0,000 people over the next two years. Of this total, 54,000 will come from the refugee camps in Hungary, 50,400 in Greece and 15,0 in Italy.

Countries that Juncker called for greater efforts are Germany, with a share of 26.2% , ie 31,443 refugees; France with a market share of 20%, ie, about 24,031 people; . And finally Spain with a market share of 12.4%, ie 14,931 newcomers

Outside of this European division remaining six Member States: the three major recipients of refugees-Hungary, Greece and Italy and three, according to their status within the EU, can stay out of policy Justice and Home Affairs of the block-the UK, Denmark and Ireland.

These figures seem insufficient if one considers that more 30,000 refugees expected in Greece now the opportunity to continue way to the richer north and only yesterday passed 6,000 people from the Middle East and Africa for Macedonia and other 7,000 Vienna, said today the UNHCR, the UN agency for refugees said in a statement.

the route used most refugees from the Middle East who arrived this year to Europe through Turkey, continues water to one of the Greek islands in the Aegean sea, and once in Athens advances through the -Macedonia and Serbia Balkans to Hungary, Austria and finally Germany and the Nordic countries.

the border between Serbia and Hungary again became today one of the epicenters of violence and tension that has characterized this crisis of European refugees.

About 500 refugees fled from one of the border posts of registration, where security forces take data get over the fence of barbed wire and enter illegally the territory, and send them to pauper center received from Roszke.

shouting "Camp (refugee) no", the small crowd forcejó with security forces and a few hundred managed to escape to the M5 motorway, which connects the border with Budapest and its international railway station.

This type of overflow has become everyday on the border of Hungary, so the ultranationalist government and openly Islamophobic announced today that strengthen security with up to 4,000 soldiers.

anti refugees a similar position today adopted the Danish government to suspend indefinitely trains entering the territory of Germany. Many of them carry these days hundreds of survivors of the Syrian Civil War and violence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Furthermore, in a carbon copy of what happened in Hungary a few days ago, more than 0 refugees barricaded themselves on a train in the Danish town of Rodby, off the north coast of Germany, refusal to be registered by the police to go to Sweden, where they claim to have a family, police said, quoted by EFE.

the same reason brandished about 300 people, mostly Syrians and Iraqis, who for hours left school Froslev, in southern Denmark, to undertake journey on foot along the highway to Sweden, more than 0 kilometers, which he has forced authorities to cut a section to traffic.

Source: Telam

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