Guatemala demonstration demanding the resignation of President

Guatemala demonstration demanding the resignation of President -

Thousands of Guatemalans took to the streets to demand the resignation of President Otto Perez Molina , accused of leading network customs fraud, for which is already dam the former Vice President Roxana Baldetti claim that the Attorney joined the Comptroller, entrepreneurs, universities and organizations of peasants, students and conveners workers general strike today.

in a surprising twist, the Attorney General's Office (PGN) that legally represents the state, asked President Perez Molina to submit his resignation.

the terse statement released last night he recommended "submit his resignation in order to avoid ungovernability, leading to the instability of the nation," argue that today reiterated the Attorney Maria Eugenia Villagran news conference.

the Comptroller General of accounts, the auditing body of the government accounts, urged in a separate statement that "in order to maintain social peace and to the demands of different sectors of the population, this immediately resign to avoid further social incidents of unsuspected consequences ", also authorized employees to participate in the national strike.

Both institutions join public universities that not only today suspended its activities but called which is expected to be the main run of the day, which left its facilities and reach the Government Palace where he will converge with those called by the private universities, which also open their doors, like most private colleges capital.

Coordinator Trade Associations, Industrial Financial Committee and Agricultural Guatemala (Cacif), the largest business organization in the country, which called for the resignation of the president a week ago, just the Catholic and Evangelist churches, today joined the national strike, and small businesses and distributors joined the strike.

During the afternoon and evening of Wednesday began a waterfall mobilization of support. Dozens of private companies called the national strike and announced through posters and images posted on their social networking accounts, which would close on Thursday.

In addition to the marches that began in the capital, there are demonstrations in Quetzaltenango, Totonicapan, Solola, Alta Verapaz, Chiquimula, San Marcos and Quiché.

Thousands of members of the Unity Committee Campesina (CUC), an organization that is part of the Popular Social Assembly (ASP), organizers of the protests on Tuesday and Wednesday as well as unemployment and marches today began their journey from the Clover to the Obelisk in the capital to address Reforma avenue toward the Supreme Court, and then to the central park, where it is expected to converge with other columns in a protest dubbed on social networks like # Paro27A .

for its part, the Congress elected today by drawing up a new committee to decide whether it is removed immunity Perez Molina so that it could lead to impeachment if at least 105 lawmakers approve.

the first attempt, weeks ago, failed by an alliance between the ruling Patriotic Party (PP) and the main opposition force, Leader (Renewed Democratic Freedom).

This second committee elected today is composed of two members of the PP, two Leader and one-fifth of a force leftist Encuentro por Guatemala (EG).

the most important centers of higher education in the country, the University of San Carlos of Guatemala (USAC), Rafael Landivar University (URL) and the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG), suspended classes so that students could participate in the march whose meeting point central park opposite the National Palace of Culture.

protesters installed from the main entrance to the National Palace of banners Culture which can reach about 100 meters that read "Jail for corrupt", "no more thieves in government", "Renunciation and", "Hang in Guatemala, we still need" and "I have no president."

the rector of the USAC, Carlos Alvarado, asked President Perez Molina submit his resignation because he believes that the country is falling into a situation of ungovernability.

Meanwhile Daniel Pascual, a peasant leader of the CUC also issued a critique of the elections scheduled for September 6, which he called "illegitimate" because Congress refused to approve the amendments to the Electoral Law and Political parties, and because many of the candidates are involved in corruption.

the Minister of the Interior, Eunice Mendizabal, reported that security forces will safeguard state buildings shall not carry today weapons fire.

the national strike and marches come amid intense political crisis. Yesterday the former vice president Baldetti was sent to prison and the Supreme Court asked Congress to be removed immunity to President Perez Molina, to judge by the same scandal that his vice.

According to the indictment of the Prosecutor and the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), Baldetti and Perez Molina received 50 percent of bribes, requesting Line, which involved both officials and individuals who managed commissions in exchange for tax evasion.

Since last Friday and after allegations of corruption among 13 senior officials including seven ministers, are included resigned their posts, including ambassador United Nations, Fernando Carrera.

prosecutors have said that there are 100 people under investigation in the case, and at least half in prison since April 16, when this was uncovered and . other corruption scandals

Source: Telam

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