Eleven Syrian refugees drowned near Greece

Eleven Syrian refugees drowned near Greece -

At least seven refugees died in one of the boats that sank with 16 Syrian refugees on board before reaching the island of Kos .

the boat had left Aspat near Bodrum in southwest Turkey, reported Turkish daily "Hurriyet" in its online edition, quoted by EFE.

the guard Turkish coast could rescue four people alive and still searching for five missing.

also, in the same area another boat that had left Alihoca sank, also near Bodrum, with six people on board -a four women and three children-were killed.

the two others managed to reach the coast by wearing lifejackets.

Between January and July, the Turkish patrols rescued 20,165 refugees in 629 operations in the Turkish waters of the Aegean, and arrested 42 people for illegal trafficking.

refugees pay between 00 and 1,0 euros for a place in an inflatable boat to take them to one of the islands Greek nearby.

Meanwhile, to Austrian police have intercepted in Vienna a van carrying 24 Afghan refugees in the loading chamber whose doors and windows were welded.

the people, mostly young men aged 16 and 17, were at risk of choking because almost did not enter air.

"young people were lying partly on each other, there was very little space," said police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger cited by the Austrian agency APA.

the driver, a man of 30 years, tried to escape but was stopped by troops.

This police action is part of the operation launched on Sunday and indefinitely by the Austrian Ministry of Interior against illicit trafficking, after Thursday 17 dead refugees were discovered in an abandoned building in eastern Austria refrigerator truck

. Source: Telam / EFE

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