Spain votes in an election marked by uncertainty

Spain votes in an election marked by uncertainty -

Polls opened at 9 am (5 Argentina) and will close at 20 (16 in Argentina). From that moment will be announced the first exit polls and the counting will start.

"The day began quite normally", said Secretary of State for Communication, Carmen Martinez Castro.

More than 36.5 million people-of which 1.8 million live abroad-are called to elect the 350 members of Congress -and 208 senators, the first time since 1982 that the four main forces in competition the formation of the new government are disputed.

polls give victory to the Popular Party (PP) of Prime Minister and candidate for reelection, Mariano Rajoy, but less than 30% of the vote, that would not allow him to form a government without the support of another force.

Secondly the (PSOE) Socialist party, which has run for Pedro Sanchez, while the new liberal party Citizens, Albert Rivera is located, and left Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, are virtually tied.

also get seats Unidad Popular Unida (UP-IU), which takes as a candidate the young Alberto Garzón.

Ante such an uncertain scenario, with no clear majorities, with four games fighting head to head for the vote and a high number of undecided reaching the 41% - according to the Center for Sociological Research (CIS, public) - the electoral mobilization will be crucial , especially for emerging parties.

"all I expect a day like this and what we all want is to involve as many people as possible because it is making a very important decision, voting all the world freely and with sufficient knowledge of the facts, "said Rajoy after voting in Bernadette College of Aravaca Madrid.

the Chief Executive, who left to applause from some voters, said that" are voting many people, and that's comforting. "

the early bird candidate was the leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, who voted at about 10 am at the Santa Marta College of Hospitalet de Llobregat, in Barcelona, ​​making a call for mass mobilization: "If we want to change Spain have to get wet, you have to participate," said

Rivera is the only candidate who curiously can not vote for himself because chooses a seat by. the circumscription of Madrid and he is census in Barcelona.

"in this election day, the illusion overcome the fear and hope will be stronger than resignation." "Today is an important day for Spanish democracy," he said. He planned later moved to Madrid to follow election day from there.

The last vote was Pablo Iglesias, who after noon came with a huge smile to your polling station in the Vallecas neighborhood, where he was cheered and applauded by a group of older ladies. "The citizens of our country will give a lesson in democracy," he said candidate can.

"Smells change" and "hope to be given," he said, meanwhile, the PSOE candidate Pedro Sanchez, who defrayed in Pozuelo de Alarcon.

"what we encourage is to vote. Honestly, I think we need governments to think of most Spaniards. so no one is left at home. Let to write the future with our vote, "he added in statements to the press.

by voting in Rincon de la Victoria, in Malaga, Alberto Garzón, candidate of Unidad Popular-Izquierda Unida (UP-IU), also encouraged the participation because "it will benefit not only democracy but also the option of social transformation."

the elections 20D, which are the most open in recent memory, envision the end of bipartisanship PP-PSOE and the arrival of a multiparty political scene, in which a minority government could struggle to stay in power.

the arrival parliament emerging parties while making a generational renewal open expected a new era for a different, "political praxis" more negotiation and consensus.

more than 91,700 security agents monitor the elections in Spain located on level 4 (out of 5) of terrorist alert. The device has been reinforced respect for previous elections.

Following the attacks in Paris last November 13 which left 130 dead, security forces of Spain made numerous arrests of suspected jihadists, the recruiters most fighters for the Islamic State (EI), and some of them ready to attack in the country.

in 2014 Spain voted in shock after being the target of a jihadist attack.

Source: Telam

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