Rescued 37 people in a shipwreck in Greece

Rescued 37 people in a shipwreck in Greece -

The Greek Coast Guard rescued 37 people today in a new shipwreck off the island of Lesbos, near the coast of Turkey, where in recent weeks, by worsening weather conditions, shipwrecks have increased markedly.

the rescue operation, which also involved a helicopter and a boat of European border agency, Frontex, was complicated by strong winds that brought down the water two crew who were later found alive, EFE reported.

in recent weeks, weather conditions have aggravated the situation of hundreds of refugees They are trying to reach Europe fleeing conflict in their hometowns. mainly Syria, Iraq and north Africa

in the early hours of yesterday at least 21 people died in two new shipwrecks off the coast of the islands of Kalymnos and Rhodes.

a wooden boat carrying more than 100 people sank in the sea area of ​​the islands of Kalymnos and Kalolimnos, while another barge capsized north of Rhodes.

in rescue operations were rescued 144 people.

on Thursday night, at least 16 people gave their lives to dump a wooden boat with more than 300 refugees to the island of Lesbos, very close to the coast of Turkey.

Volunteers from various organizations and official authorities were able to rescue 274 people, many of whom were children.

according to the International Organization for Migration, 70 child drowned in the Aegean sea in the last two months. Meanwhile, continue to arrive daily thousands of refugees from the islands to the port of Piraeus in Athens.

This morning arrived two ships with a total of 2,682 refugees transferred from Lesbos and Chios.

so far this year have reached the over half a million refugees and migrants Greek coast.

Meanwhile, thousands of people continue walking along the Balkan route, passing through Croatia and Slovenia in order to reach Austria and to take a train to Germany.

a Slovenia reached 1,071 refugees from Croatia in the first six hours of the day, adding to the 7,539 who arrived yesterday, he reported the DPA agency quoted police sources.

Since Hungary closed its border with Croatia in mid-October, 111,354 people have passed through Slovenia on its journey through the Balkan route to Western Europe.

Slovenia recorded between 8,000 and 9,000 asylum seekers per day, who then diverted to Austria.

from Serbia entered overnight 2,473 refugees to Croatia, the Ministry of the Interior on its website, in addition to more than 6,0 the previous day

. Source: Telam

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