Terrorism, since the military and Western eyes

Terrorism, since the military and Western eyes -

The attack that killed more than a hundred people in the capital of France put back on check the security paradigms referred to in the industrialized nations. Limit the fight against terrorism at a military dimension not seem to have given efficient answers.

It is clear that in contemporary international reality there is a noticeable decline in wars between countries. However, any statements claiming that we are facing a state close to world peace, is quickly refuted by numerous images of violence around the planet.

The way we develop conflict has mutated with the passing of the history. And unfortunately, the creative capacity of man has put the military field in the forefront of technological development.

Historically, the real power imposed through violence has placed in a dominant those communities, kingdoms or states, who managed to implement those technological advantages for military purposes.

the different conditions and priorities that characterized the different communities in the world, produced an asymmetry of military power. However, the chances of facing an almost invincible enemy, has not been a deterrent for the generation of new wars reason.

World War II may have been the last historical episode in which they have faced powers. But still the war continued to exist, albeit in a different way.

During the second half of the twentieth century, was carried out a systematic emancipatory process around the planet. The people of different African and Asian colonies waged a form of "guerrilla warfare" against their metropolis. Nationalist groups tried to balance the asymmetry moving theaters classic military mountain operations, jungles and deserts, where they could take advantage of foreign armies.

However, with the ongoing development of new military technology the armed forces could overcome the geographic and climatic adversities that are present in any terrain. In this way, the whole world became a potential great theater of military operation. Including the cities.

was when terrorism became a sadly common practice. No need to train armies, or acquire a sophisticated knowledge of modern weapons, any everyday item can become a lethal device.

What characterizes these types of changes to international peace and security is the great diffusive capacity you can get to having a criminal act, thus ensuring the spread of an intimidating the world population within seconds message.

can then say that, from the symbolic attack on the Twin Towers in September 2011, began to be repeated year after year, similar phenomena that generated sudden breaks in the foundations of the international system.

With the advent of the XXI century, wars became multidimensional. Any field can become a space capable of fighting, whether physical or virtual. However, they are now the major powers which are stalked, and must meet the challenge of how to solve attacks that arise from the same territory. So far, the military response has not been effective results.

The Paris, number 25 of the most damaging attacks from September 2011

Some of the most damaging terrorist attacks in different parts of the world from that episode were:

- September 11, 01 19 .- Al Qaeda members held in United States the biggest terrorist attack in history to fly planes in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. The death toll rose to almost 3,000 people (2,753 of them in the Twin Towers Yorkers) and some 9,000 wounded

-. 12 October 02.- 202 people, mostly tourists from 21 countries, die when exploding two simultaneous car bombs in an area of ​​nightclubs in Kuta in Bali Indonesia

-. 23 October 02.- Assault on Dubrovka theater in Moscow Russia , by Chechen jihadists. 129 people die

-. 2 March 04.- Multiple attack against the Shiite community in Iraq with at least 171 dead, 106 at the shrine of Hussein in Karbala and 65 in Baghdad, while They commemorated the day of Ashura

-. 11 March 04.- Ten chain explosions caused 191 dead and 2,062 injured in four commuter trains in Madrid, Spain . It was the second major attack in Europe

-. 1 September 04.- Thirty terrorists linked to Chechen guerrilla Shamil Basayev, took hostage more than a thousand people, mostly children, in a school in Beslan in North Ossetia ( Russia ). In the assault two days later by Russian security forces 331 persons, including 186 children die

-. 14 February 05.- dies in attack in Beirut Lebanon , former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, along with 21 members of his entourage

-. 7 July 05.- Four explosions (three in the subway and on a bus) cause 56 deaths (including four terrorists) and 700 wounded in London, UK . The attacks were perpetrated by Islamists

-. 23 July 05.- 64 people, including several foreigners, are killed in simultaneous attacks in the resort of Sharm el Sheikh (Sinai) Egypt .

- November 9, 05.- Three suicide bombers killed sixty cause in three hotels in Amman ( Jordan )

-. 11 July 06.- Seven explosions caused 185 dead in crowded suburban trains workers in Bombay ( India )

-. 14 August 07.- More than 250 dead four trucks explode bomb in Nineveh ( Iraq )

-. 18 October 07.- 130 killed in an attack on the passage of the entourage of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto in Karachi on his return to Pakistan

- 27 December 07.- Benazir Bhutto killed in an attack in Rawalpindi, Pakistan , which also caused 54 deaths among followers who had come to his rally

-. 26 to 29 November 08 .- 166 dead in Bombay ten points ( India )

-. 22 July 2011. A double bombing perpetrated by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, results in Norway 77 dead, the largest slaughter in the country's history

-. 21 to 24 September 2013.- killed 72 people after raiding the Somali radical militia Al Shabab Nairobi Westgate mall in Kenya

-. 16 December 2014.- a Taliban group opened fire on a school in Peshawar ( Pakistan ), killing 126 people, mostly children

- March 19, 2015.- at least 154 dead in two double suicide bombings against two Shiite mosques in Sana'a Yemen

-. 2 April 2015.- at least 147 dead , mostly students, in an attack by Somali militia Al Shabaab at the University of Garissa Kenya

-. 4 July.- a murderous jihadist 38 foreign tourists on a beach of the coastal town of Susa, Tunisia

. - October 10.- a double attack leaves 102 dead in a peace march in Ankara, Turkey that the country's authorities attribute to the organization jihadist Islamic State

-. October.- 31 a Russian plane with 224 people aboard crashed in the Sinai peninsula in Egypt leaving no survivors. The terrorist group Wilayat Sina, Egyptian branch of EI claims to be responsible for the shooting down of the plane

-. 12 November.- 41 people killed and 0 injured in a double suicide attack claimed by the State jihadist group Islamic against Burch Barachne neighborhood, one of the strongholds of the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah in southern Beirut

-. 14 November.- the Islamic State (iS) group attributed the attacks in bars and a concert hall in Paris, France , which kill at least 127 people and wounding 180.

Source: Cba24n and Telam

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