Refugees: "Europe must change the schema of solidarity"

Refugees: "Europe must change the schema of solidarity" -

Images that are scattered around the world are dramatic. Europe fails to resolve the situation of refugees and images of the 4000 Syrian pretending to enter Greece, over thousands camped in England, Hungary and Austria travel the world.

Jose Samaniego representative for southern Latin America United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), no doubt: "This is a great example of the global humanitarian situation" .

in the continuity of analysis, says: "we are in the presence of the highest number of refugees after the Second World War there are sixty million displaced people forced from their countries manner."

as before, like yesterday, bloody internecine conflicts construct scenarios where thousands want to escape. According enumerates Samaniego, there are currently 15 conflicts massive scale, "They are ecumenical conflicts that are spreading like Syria. There are other novel, such as Iran, Sudan, in central Africa, among others, which exploded in recent years. "

Samaniego recognizes admitted about 300,000 people in Europe in 2015, among which there "economic migrants", but growing numbers of those who "are expelled violently product of great crises of Human Rights."

"Surely, Italy and Greece are overwhelmed, but the whole immigration system Europe is tested. From UNHCR, the latest recommendations are that work on mechanisms for further cooperation and solidarity. We know it is very difficult to apply the same European system, internal free movement ", he reckons.

The note with the program Look Who's Talking of Radio Universidad, also responsible for expanding the look for a problem that transcends aquende and beyond.

"There is an inability to resolve these situations throughout the global community, where even decreased cooperation mechanisms. There is talk today of the European crisis by the arrival of people, but nine out of ten refugees are in underdeveloped countries, such as Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran and Ethiopia, "he says.

" Twenty-five poorest countries receive 42% of refugees. So the difference is that Europe has the capacity to receive people, but you must change the scheme of solidarity, "he says.

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