Europe comes to a first agreement on sharing refugees

Europe comes to a first agreement on sharing refugees -

Germany and France reported on Monday q ue European interior ministers have reached political agreement to distribute in the European Union 0,000 refugees in two years, a figure that includes the two measures proposed by Brussels since May to distribute 40,000 and 0,000 people .

"There is a general agreement for the relocation of 0,000 in European States", advanced the German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, at a joint press conference with his French counterpart Bernard Cazeneuve.

De Maiziere said the breakdown by country of the total 0,000 will be implemented in the Council next October 8, after the Twenty-eight approve today formally the first step to sharing 40,000 refugees. Interior ministers of the European Union not yet defined whether it will be binding or voluntary. The final decision on this point will also be taken at the meeting of October 8

. Source: MS (efe / dpa)

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