a Chilean military dictatorship of Pinochet committed suicide

a Chilean military dictatorship of Pinochet committed suicide -

The retired general of the Chilean Army, Hernán Ramírez Rurange tonight shot committed suicide in head, after being sentenced this week to 20 years in prison for his role in the kidnapping and death of exquímico of the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) Eugenio Berrios .

according to preliminary official reports, the former soldier was with his wife at his home in the municipality of Las Condes in Santiago, where he went up the stairs of her building to shoot in the head with his revolver caliber 32.

Ramirez was sentenced last Tuesday along with 13 other former military for the murder of Berrios, a chemist who worked with sarin gas used by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet , who was found dead on a beach in Uruguay in April 1995, days before testifying for the murder of former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier happened in Washinton, United States .

the former head of the National Intelligence Agency (CNI), Odlanier Mena, also convicted for crimes against humanity, was shot in the head when former President Sebastian Pinera closed military prison Cordillera, which meant the transfer of all prisoners to the criminal Punta Peuco located in Santiago.

from the Government, the Minister of Justice, Javiera Blanco, said that "it is fitting that established the truth, people face their convictions and fulfilled."

Meanwhile, the socialist MP Juan Pablo Letelier regretted that there are "leaders who are dying of old or who have committed suicide" and attributed the decision to Ramirez Rurange that "wanted to cover up the torture for crimes they were committed ". "It's an unfortunate situation, because it leaves evidence that there are people who do not want the whole truth be known", he added.

Since the other path, the former head of Pinochet and General Foundation in retirement army, Luis Cortés, lamented the suicide of his comrade, a fact he called "a story like this always impacts". "It is extremely painful because we met in activity, know his family saw him spend every day walking, staring, with a feeling of walking without knowing where," Cortes said.

reported that "military family is very shocked (shocked), very touched," wondered "how long will this go on, when it will stop," and though he said he did not want to "argue", questioned whether "society, political . ""!, Justice should not put a shortcut to this is, we are not murderers, "said

. Source: Telam

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