Bolivia: MAS wins four governorates and three opposition

Bolivia: MAS wins four governorates and three opposition -

The Movement to Socialism (MAS) retained the governorships of Cochabamba , Oruro, Pando and Potosi , and the opposition won La Paz, Santa Cruz and Tarija , according to polls signatures Ipsos and Equipos Mori .

Meanwhile, in Beni and Chuquisaca shall be made second round, according to these surveys, reported by TV channels ATB and Unitel, respectively.

Furthermore, Soledad Chapetón, of the center-right National Unity (UN) , was crowned mayor of El Alto near La Paz city, with 55 percent of the vote against 28 percent of official Edgar Patana, according to Ipsos.

in La Paz, the group - formed by former members of leftist Sin Miedo (MSM) , which lost political personality in the presidential elections Movement October 2014, he won the governorship of the department and the mayor of the city that is home to the central government.

the new la Paz governor is Felix Patzi Paco which brought 51 percent the vote, and the mayor of the capital will be Luis Revilla , which won 60.7 percent of the vote.

in the department Cochabamba Ivan Canelas, the MAS , won the governorship with 60.1 percent of the vote, and José María Laws , the opposition party Democrats right, was left with the mayor of the capital with 54 . percent

the other three governors MAS will Victor Hugo Vásquez , which gained 54 percent in Oruro; Luis Adolfo Flores , with 61 percent in Pando, and Juan Carlos Cejas , 56 percent in Potosi.

Meanwhile, the other two departmental heads of opponents will Rubén Costas , which managed 55 percent in Santa Cruz and Adrian Oliva , with 50 percent in Tarija.

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