USA brought to Cuba from the list of "terrorist states"

USA brought to Cuba from the list of "terrorist states" -

Cuba officially left the list of state sponsors of terrorism produced every year US government and which was since 1982.

This was one of the demands of Havana to advance the restoration of relations, although the island cautiously welcomed the announcement by the still existing economic bloc.

Congress US had 45 days to rule on the decision by President Barack Obama to bring to Cuba from that list, with the option of submitting a bill to try to reverse it, something that did not occur.

Before the expiry of that period, the secretary of State, John Kerry, "has taken the final decision to terminate the designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, which comes into force today, 29 May 2015, "he said in a statement a spokesman for the State Department, Jeff Rathke.

According to the official, the assessment made by the State Department at the request of Obama concluded that Cuba" meets the legal criteria "to leave that list.

Rathke added that the US still has" major concerns and disagreements over a wide range of policies and actions of Cuba, "but they are" out of the relevant criteria for termination of appointment as a State Sponsor of Terrorism. "

Following the announcement, Cuban television found that the island" should never be "on that list, and by a commentator on the radio station stated that the argument that Cuba was a terrorist" it was an unsustainable approach. " "For the Cuban government was a moral issue" that the island was removed from that list, because for decades "was a victim of terrorism" and "even our intelligence services collaborated to prevent terrorist acts against the United States," he said.

added that Obama's decision is positive for Cuba, but made "a call for calm" because "normalize relations between the two countries is not there" because among other elements of Washington against Cuba, remains "the lock "

. Source: Telam

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