Malvinas: "It is unjustifiable to speak of a threat Argentina"

Malvinas: "It is unjustifiable to speak of a threat Argentina" -

The Argentine government reiterated that "dialogue and negotiation, not weapons, are the only way to resolve the issue" Malvinas , said in a statement this afternoon Chancellor , to the statements of Defense Minister British in their parliament, referring to military expenditure allocated to the Islands in the south Atlantic .

"Besides unlikely, it is absolutely unjustifiable that the ghost of an alleged 'Argentina threat' is shaken to increase the British military budget and consolidate the growing militarization of the islands," says the text released this afternoon.

continues: "These huge funds should be used for the benefit of the British people, to combat unemployment, improve education and health and deepen social inclusion can not continue to deceive the citizens and taxpayers of the Kingdom. united, waving ghosts of the past ".

the Foreign Ministry stressed that" it is a sad and unfortunate paradox that a March 24, 39 years after the military coup of 1976 that had the complicit silence of many powers, is used to the Falkland Islands as an issue in the election campaign in the UK and a war it started 32 years ago by the genocidal dictatorship, which meant greater political, social, economic and cultural tragedy for the Argentine people "repeatedly invoked.

"is ignored, deliberately, that the search for a peaceful solution to the sovereignty dispute is a state policy of a strong democracy in Argentina and has received the support of all political forces represented in parliament," he adds.

within this framework, the press release of the Foreign ministry describes as "a positive development that in the same session of the House of Commons, several British parliamentarians have condemned the warmongering and stressed the need for dialogue with Argentina and Latin America. "

" the Argentine Government believes that the best way to start that dialogue is facing the need to end all vestiges of colonialism in our continent, "he stresses.

Finally, the Foreign Ministry urged "once again" the British Government "to sit at the negotiating table, as established more than 40 resolutions of the United Nations and numerous pronouncements of regional bodies such as UNASUR, MERCOSUR and CELAC, which have converted to the Question of the Malvinas Islands in a Latin American cause. "

also appeals to the statements of" international bodies such as the Group of 77 and China, the Ibero-ASA (South America and Africa) and ZPCSA (South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone), among others. "

Minister English Defense Michael Fallon, said today in an open session in the House of Commons of the British parliament deployment British two helicopter gunships Chinook and system upgrade anti-aircraft missiles in the Falklands, as a defensive response to an alleged Argentine attack.

Fallon said that Argentina is "a very real danger" to which the UK should "react" and explained that depending on the supposed threat, the British troops need to "modernize" its defenses, and ensure they have "sufficient troops and that the islands are defended successfully."

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