USA: another African-American is killed by police

USA: another African-American is killed by police -

A US police have been charged with murder after it became public a video where you see how shot and killed a black man, apparently unarmed, when he tried to flee.

has been made public on the Internet a video, recorded in the city of North Charleston, South Carolina, where you can see how a police officer fired eight times an African american man who flees reports the New York times .

the incident occurred after a skirmish, after the police arrested the driver of a Mercedes-Benz with a broken taillight. The mayor has announced that the official, Michael T. Slager, 33, has been charged with murder.

Slager had initially said he feared for his life because man, Walter L. Scott, 50, had tried to take his stun gun, as announced by his lawyer.

However, in the video recorded by a witness, you see how the agent fires several times at the victim, who tries to escape, until he falls to the ground.

Even see how another officer who is present at the site throws a gun at the victim to incriminate him.

with posters reading "Everyone is watching" and "I'm back do not shoot "dozens of protesters in North Charleston, state of South Carolina, protesting against police brutality, reports Reuters .

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