Venezuela poses to the UN territorial dispute with Guyana

Venezuela poses to the UN territorial dispute with Guyana -

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro complained to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki -moon , the "plundering" of the Essequibo, a vast territory held by Guyana to Caracas claims as its own since 1811; accused his Guyanese counterpart David Granger , having taken "serious decisions" and claimed the international body such as the scope for finding a solution to the dispute.

"I have come to this meeting to denounce the provocations of the President of Guyana, ignorance of the Geneva Agreement, to defend the historical rights of Guyana Essequibo and the people of Venezuela, "said Maduro at a press conference after his meeting with Ban.

added that he had also come to "request that is activated immediately the commission for finding good offices and diplomatic channel these tensions that have been created after the arrival of the new president of Guyana."

according to Maduro, Granger "has taken serious decisions that ignore the Geneva Accord, unknown mechanism of good offices, and filled tension relations between Guyana and Venezuela, and voltage relations in the Caribbean that are lapsing in peace and tranquility. "

" through the Geneva Accord, mechanism of international law that is compelling for Venezuela and the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, is that we should continue to channel all outstanding issues Guyana Essequibo " remarked the president.

Since 1811, Venezuela claims as its own territory or Guyana Essequibo Essequibo, an area of ​​159,542 square kilometers, equivalent to 74.2 percent of the 214,970 square kilometers held by Guayana and never was under Venezuelan sovereignty.

the Geneva Accord was signed in 1966, three months before Guyana gained independence from Britain, and commits the parties to seek a solution.
the question is since 1982 under the aegis of the General Secretariat of the UN, but its management "good offices" has been paralyzed since last year by the death of its last manager, Norman Girman.

Although Granger took the Guyanese government 16 last May, the conflict had rekindled in March when Venezuela protested unsuccessfully for the authorization Guyana gave the US oil company Exxon Mobil to explore within the disputed area.

in late May, Maduro created by decree four 'areas of maritime and insular integral defense ", one of which covers" marine and submarine areas of the area claim "and Guyana responded that the instrument is" aggressive and illegal "and warned that" any attempt " applying "will be vigorously resisted."

the 10th of this month, Venezuela said it would ask Ban reactivating the process of good offices. Three days later, and Guyana replied that he was not interested in it and that "the only option" to resolve the dispute is the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

"We have very clearly indicated to the Secretary General UN that the process of good offices, we have followed faithfully, does not seem to offer any solution to move forward, "he said Guyanese Foreign Minister Carl Greenidge.

he explained that" the feeling is that this process has evolved to become a facade, not deliberately by the UN, in which the sovereignty of Guyana has been threatened "

. Source: Telam

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