Noam Chomsky defended Argentina to the vulture funds

Noam Chomsky defended Argentina to the vulture funds -

One of the best minds of the time backed Argentina in its long-running dispute against so-called "vulture funds" which takes place in the courts of New York.

The philosopher and activist American Noam Chomsky gave an interview to the newspaper Buenos Aires Herald which he argues that "Argentina's position on vulture funds is correct" and that "is not a legitimate debt."

"Financial institutions have grown much since 1970 and do not contribute to the economy, they are predators," he said.

Regarding the stance that his country , United States, has for the countries of the region, the intellectual argued that if the Organization of American States (OAS), "is under the influence of the White House, will become marginal."

"the United States used to be considered Latin America its backyard. he did not mind the region. But now Washington is practically excluded from Latin America (...) There have been significant changes in the region that have served to separate the control of the empire and to integrate ", said the morning of English speech.

Chomsky also praised the human rights policy of the country in relation to punishment of crimes during the military dictatorship, "the worst" of all that had Latin America in the 70. "the government has given partial but important steps to undermine the impunity of the mobsters who terrorized not only to Argentina but also to other countries".

Regarding the resolution of the investigation into the attacks on the Israeli Embassy and the AMIA, he said the country "still has big problems," among which he mentioned "not be conducted a serious investigation into the attacks, "which he described as" a stain that must be overcome. "

" you have to discover what really happened, the government still has been unable to investigate " he added. However, it also showed confidence in the judiciary who does not believe "able" to move, so he suggested "an independent study to discover the truth."

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