A requested increases the tension between Bolivia and Chile

A requested increases the tension between Bolivia and Chile -

Chile today strongly reacted to the publication in the local press of a requested government of Bolivia citing alleged statements of former Chilean President Salvador Allende in favor of the Bolivian claim centenary of sovereign access to the Pacific [1945004ocean].

the announcement, signed by Ministry of Communication of Bolivia, was published today in the Santiago newspaper El Mercurio full page, shows an image of Allende with Pacific background and contains two sentences that supposedly former president said in an interview with Bolivian historian Nestor Taboada in 1970.

"sovereign Bolivia return to the Pacific coast "and" Chile has a centuries-old debt with Bolivia and we are ready to undertake a historical solution "are the alleged statements that the Bolivian government attributed to Allende.

One of the replicas that publication came from the president's daughter died the day of his ouster-the September 11, 1973 and current president of the Chilean Senate, Isabal Allende .

" the figure of my father use does not seem right, "said socialist lawmaker, adding that he did not remember that Allende" is offered (to Bolivia) access to the sea with sovereignty or who has said it would review the existing treaties ".

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz said that" as Bolivia does not have enough arguments from the legal point of view, has to be extremely these communicational dimensions. "

the official stressed at a press conference that "the state policy during the government of Salvador Allende was unrestricted respect for international treaties limits."

Bolivia took the International Court of Justice (ICJ) claim to recover its former sovereign access to the sea, which lost at the hands of Chile in the Pacific War of 1879-83.

Chile argues that both nations freely accepted their present borders in a treaty signed in 104, that Bolivia argues that it was imposed.
Days ago, the ICJ set for next May as the date to hear the arguments of both countries.

in this context, the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales said Tuesday by radio that "Allende was a true socialist; yes, not like now, there are false socialists in Chile. "

Bolivia and Chile held bilateral diplomatic relations formally frozen since 1978, but during the first term of the current Socialist president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet (05 -10), she and Morales led a dialogue agenda of 13 points.

That agenda was without effect when the Bolivian president, and during the administration of Bachelet's successor Sebastian Pinera filed the application before the ICJ.

Source: Telam

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