Now they ask investigate Israel for nuclear weapons

Now they ask investigate Israel for nuclear weapons -

Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League for Palestinian Affairs Mohamed Sobeih he said, welcoming the agreement nuclear reached yesterday between Iran and the Group 5 + 1, so that "the region free of weapons of mass destruction" will also have to "inspect the arsenals of Israel."

Speaking in Cairo a day after the historic agreement between the powers and Tehran, Sobeih referred to the need for Israel to open its nuclear reactors to international inspections "full transparency" and sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT ).

Israel, which never confirmed nor denied having nuclear weapons, is not a signatory to the NPT and always made it a condition to join the NPT have achieved before peace with Iran and Arab countries.

the possession of nuclear weapons and means to make them reach long distance by Israel "poses a serious threat to the security of the region," Sobeih said in the Egyptian capital, quoted by the news agency EFE .

Meanwhile, the deputy secretary general of the Arab League for International Political Affairs Fadel Mohamed Gauad , expressed hope that the agreement signed in Vienna have positive results for the Arab world.

Gauad noted that this agreement should put an end to nuclear rearmament in the Middle East and open the door to the region is free of nuclear weapons.

when asked about fears Arab Gulf countries, regarding the agreement will strengthen Iranian influence in the area, Gauad replied that the powers, especially the United States, declared that Tehran would not pose a threat to the area.

However , acknowledged that an increase in Iranian influence "could adversely affect the security and stability" in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia yesterday expressed its support for the agreement, but warned Iran that if it takes advantage of the decline in the sanctions to feed regional instability, there will be a "strong reaction".

Iran and the Group 5 + 1 (China, USA, France, UK and Russia plus Germany) reached yesterday an agreement to limit the program Iranian atomic, opening the process to lift the economic sanctions imposed on Tehran

Source:. Telam

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