Party landslide victory in France Sarkozy

Party landslide victory in France Sarkozy -

Conservatives of Union for a Popular Movement and its centrist allies won the victory in 66 departments 101 in which divided France.

the French right won in the second round of the departmental elections 66 departments and 45.03% of the vote, compared to 32.12% of socialism and 22.23% hoarded by the National Front (FN) far-right, according to final data released by the Ministry of the Interior.

in the second and final round of those elections, held yesterday, the alliance between the conservative Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) and centrists won 25 departments regarding the 2011 elections

the left, however, was left with 34 departments, while the National Front, according to that count final, he not won any.

the abstention rate stood at 50.02%, higher than in the first round last Sunday (49.83%), but below the cantonal record level of 2011 (55.7%) and European May (57.6%).

the party leader Nicolas Sarkozy , said after the victory: " Let's accelerate the preparation of an alternative Republican plan to redirect our country, to stop the decline in which sank after three years of archaic socialism," he said.

Thanks to these elections the 2,054 candidates who shall serve for six years as director of the 101 French departments are designated.

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