They formalized the complaint against the mayor of Caracas

They formalized the complaint against the mayor of Caracas -

The metropolitan mayor opponent of Caracas Antonio Ledezma was accused by charges of conspiracy and association to the crime and was held in prison Ramo Verde , which is from a prisoner year ago the leader Leopoldo López , confirmed today the Attorney General, the who pointed out that those charges are provided and punished under the Penal Code and the Law against Organized and Financing of Terrorism Crime.

the prosecution said the Sixth Control Court of Caracas ordered last night Ledezma, 59, is being held in Ramo Verde prison in the nearby town of Los Teques, where he will await the start of the cause.

Ledezma was arrested last Thursday by security and intelligence in their offices and his wife, Mitzy Capriles Ledezma demanded Nicolas Maduro in a concentration in the Brion square, the Chacíto neighborhood, the release of her husband and his resignation from the presidency of Venezuela, according reported local daily El Nacional.

also said that Ledezma told Venezuelans if they want to restore democracy "must be on the street."

According to the report of the Public Ministry (MP) the arrest of the mayor has links with the case of Gómez Lorent Saleh, Gabriel Valles -both young expelled from Colombia and detained in Venezuela Ronny Navarro, Gerardo Carrero and Renzo Prieto, currently imprisoned and charged with conspiracy to rebellion.

Gómez Saleh, Valles and Navarro, arrested in September, appearing in several videos demonstrating their intention of attacking public and private buildings, in order to cause alarm and chaos in the country, added the note of the MP.

the then minister of Venezuelan Interior Miguel Rodriguez Torres , said that the metropolitan mayor maintained links with plans Gómez Saleh and Valles, in turn related to former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe .

the mayor was accused by President Maduro of conspiring against his government after the publication of a manifesto signed Lopez and former deputy Maria Corina Machado , which raised his departure from the presidency and a government of "transition" to confront the economic crisis.

Maduro also said that once again the government of the United States came to the defense of the sectors that promote plans to undermine peace and democracy in Venezuela. "the government of the United States comes out in defense of the coup in Venezuela directly, it seeks impunity to follow your plan, "he wrote in his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the State Department Jen Psaki, said last night in a statement picked up by the Telesur television station that" the accusations made by the Venezuelan government that the United States is involved in plotting a coup and destabilization has no foundation and are false. "

After being arrested, Ledezma was taken to the headquarters of Bolivarian Intelligence Service ( SEBIN ), from where he was transferred Friday night to the court hearing.

the Venezuelan opposition said the arrest of the mayor is a coup from the government against popular will, as Ledezma was reelected in 2013 by more than 700,000 votes in five municipalities in the metropolitan area.

Source: Telam

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