Centennial of the Armenian Genocide:

Centennial of the Armenian Genocide: - commemorative activities

The Armenian community commemorated during the month of April centennial of the Armenian Genocide , which began on April 24, 1915 and that cost the lives of more than a million Armenians.

100 years of claims are met so that Republic of Turkey heir legal Ottoman Empire, recognize the massacre of the Armenian people, in what is considered the first genocide of the twentieth century.

that April 24, 1915, the government of the Young Turks stopped and then murdered the 0 major Armenian intellectuals, professionals, artists, students and community leaders.

the extermination plan lasted until 1923, a period in which there were thousands of executions and mass deportation of women, elderly and children to death in the desert.

the Armenian community and with it the demand for truth and justice spread throughout the world, especially in Russia, Syria, Lebanon, Greece, Iran, Britain, France, the United States and Argentina.

in Buenos Aires live about 100,000 descendants of Armenians and Córdoba 10,000. Argentina is one of the few countries that recognizes April 24 as Armenian Genocide Day (since 07).

The local community organizes various commemorative activities.

On April 19 will be held the central civic event at the Teatro del Libertador General San Martin. Will take the stage the Collective Armenia, Governor Jose Manuel De la Sota and Mayor Ramon Mestre.

On April 24, a Mass will be held at the Cathedral of Cordoba, followed by a ceremony at the Plaza San Martin . At 18 he will go from streets Santa Rosa and General Paz to the former Place Vélez Sársfield.

There a rock festival will take place for peace, with the central performance of Bersuit Vergarabat, accompanied by Armenian music and Cordovan bands "Glider V" and "4 in a row."

"We call on youth to prevent such atrocities in the future," say the organizers.

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