"Francisco could you visit Argentina in the spring of 2016"

"Francisco could you visit Argentina in the spring of 2016" -

Secretary of Vatican Protocol Guillermo Karcher said today that Pope Francisco "could visit Argentina in the spring of 2016", as part of the celebrations for the bicentennial of Independence.

the Pope will participate in a tour of South America in July next year although Karcher reaffirmed that that trip Francisco not set foot in Argentina land "because it is aware that it is midwinter and you will not tell the faithful to wait a Mass outdoors at night."

"will have to wait times of spring , September or October 2016, which remains the Bicentennial year, "he said in remarks to Radio America .

Moreover, the secretary of Protocol of the Holy See stressed that the Pope "changed the way of closeness" with the faithful because "he is interested in the human encounter, the crisp look with the party who has forward."

Karcher also recalled the time when Jorge Bergoglio was he appointed head of the Catholic Church, a fact that will be two years next March 13: "I legs trembled from emotion, it was a great joy," he recalled

Source: Telam

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