To reach the airport, they must walk five kilometers

To reach the airport, they must walk five kilometers -

The city of Potosi, located in the Bolivian altiplano is completely under siege following a general strike being carried out workers . The strength of the strike, keeps potosinos isolated outages due to all accesses.

68 Argentine trapped in the city is currently encuentrar. Gustavo Streets, one of the affected Cordovan described "They told us that when there is this kind of mobilization, not enter or leave nobody wanted to enter the Red Cross, and people from the consulate, and no. the left ". (See: Potosi: "He has wanted to enter the Red Cross and stayed with them")

Jorge Lawson , the Minister of Communication and Strategy province, he said that is in constant communication with the stranded Cordoba.

in an interview with Cara y Cruz, Lawson said that jointly with Foreign Ministry Argentina, try to get a plane to the airport Potosi to move the Argentines who are stranded in the Bolivian city.

However, the minister explained that to get to the airport, no vehicles can be used by the pickets. Therefore, people must walk a distance of 5 kilometers at an altitude of around 4,000 meters above sea level.

Lawson stressed that, for this reason, must leave their vehicles in Bolivia and return to find them when the problem solutions. This information was also confirmed by the Argentine consul in Villazón Juan Andrés Taccetti , who also added that should also leave their belongings there.

Finally, the Cordovan official said that no Argentine has suffered attacks, but they are uncomfortable about the situation.

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