North Korea shipping ultimatum to its southern neighbors

North Korea shipping ultimatum to its southern neighbors -

North Korea threatened more military actions and issued an ultimatum to South Korea after the artillery exchange between the two countries, while Seoul raised its alert to the maximum and promised to respond harshly to any new attacks.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un convened an emergency meeting of the central military commission of the Workers Party, in which he ordered his troops first border to prepare for combat, according to the agency KCNA .

orders Kim, who declared a "quasi-state of war" with South Korea, reflect the high voltage to be generated between the two Koreas after untie Thursday the most serious incident since the North's shelling of the border island of Yeonpyeong in 2010.

the two Koreas exchanged artillery fire, which followed strong threats that have raised fears of an escalation of the conflict.
North Korea today reiterated his threat to carry out new actions military if the South does not remove the speakers that emit anti-North Korean propaganda on the border before 17.00 on Saturday (5 Sunday in Argentina).

"the speaker will continue to operate, we will not give in threats from North Korea, "said a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense in Seoul, told the news agency EFE .

Some experts in South Korea believe that in Anyway, it's likely that no new North Korean attacks in the coming days.

Although Seoul does not meet its requirement to Pyongyang "is not a good time to attack, and South Korea and the United States made at this time joint maneuvers and can give a good response to any provocation, "he told EFE researcher Lee Dae-woo of the Sejong Institute.

the Army of South Korea and he announced today that it will respond "strongly" to any North Korean attack and warned North Korea that "take full responsibility" resulting from a new attack on the South, according to the source said Seoul's defense.

Source: Telam

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