Shocking images of the explosion in China

Shocking images of the explosion in China -

At least 44 people died and over 500 were injured in the blast which swept Thursday night at 23.20 (12.20 am, when Argentina) store dangerous items Ruihai, Tianjin, in China .

there are still people trapped in the place of the explosion, while two firefighters are missing and there were four others were injured during the rescue operation, fire brigade Tianjin, quoted by Xinhua.

Lu Yun , head of the Hospital of Taida, close to the scene, reported that it received about 150 wounded and said the people taken to hospital injured by broken glass or stones. Some were with serious injuries, he said.

The explosion was felt several kilometers and the glass windows of the buildings were broken, while 3 (16 hour Argentina) could still be small fires and explosions from a far distance.

as the explosion was controlled, some taxi drivers and owners of private cars helped voluntarily to take the wounded to hospitals. Some hotels offered free to those displaced by the explosion residents accommodation

. Source: Telam

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