Alexis Tsipras announced his resignation and called elections

Alexis Tsipras announced his resignation and called elections -

Greece not stop shaking. A political and economic situation now added the call for early elections on 20 September.

Pursuant to the Greek Constitution for holding elections Prime Minister must first submit his resignation, something announced Alexis Tsipras in the European evening on television.

Tsipras, who took office last January, made his announcement amid a rebellion within his leftist party Syriza against the bailout agreed with foreign creditors, which casts doubt on the ability of its government to implement reforms and adjustments tied to that program.

from early local media disseminated the first interim minister will vasilikí Thanou, president since June Greek and head of the Electoral Commission Supreme Court.

government sources quoted by the DPA agency said that the elections will be held on September 20, while the Greek chain MEGA TV said will be held a week earlier, on 13, although none of this information was confirmed by official sources.

According to the Greek press is a faction within the party government to hold elections on those dates with the goal of ending instability and benefit from the support that still retains Syriza and that it is estimated will decrease significantly to be noted the effects of the measures imposed by the bailout, such as cutting pensions or increase some taxes.

the waiver would enable Tsipras to follow that path, ignore the vote of confidence and take disjointed internal opposition

. Source: Telam

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