Greece requested a loan from the International Monetary Fund

Greece requested a loan from the International Monetary Fund -

Greece formally requested a new credit line International Monetary Fund (IMF) , which if accepted would be added to the European institutions in the coming days will begin negotiations to enable third "rescue" financier of the country.

the Greek Finance Minister Euclidis Tsakalotos sent a letter to IMF managing director Christine Lagarde , which states that Athens undertakes to implement "a number of policy" to strengthen "fiscal sustainability and financial stability, as the long-term growth. "

in the letter, published by the Greek media, Tsakalotos emphasizes that these policies, some of which have already been converted into law, intended mainly to" spread the adjustment costs economic in a fair manner, thus correcting past injustices. "

However, he said that will need to be long before the economy can respond positively to these challenges to return to the path of sustainable growth of a "socially fair".

the IMF had demanded a formal request from Greece to actively participate in the negotiations, although they should have started today, it is estimated that do not begin until Monday next.

government sources Greek noted that even the place nor the program of meetings that will keep Greece and the technical teams of the quartet formed by is not defined European Commission (EC), the European Central Bank (ECB), the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) and the IMF, reported the news agency EFE.

if realized, the third package of assistance fund will last for three years and a volume of 86,000 million euros.

in the past two weeks, the Greek Parliament approved two packages of neoliberal reforms demanded by eurozone partners as preconditions before we can properly start negotiations said.

treatment of the measures in Parliament, caused the internal fracture of the ruling coalition, Syriza, as well as citizens' protests in which some disturbances were reported and security forces intervened.

Source: Telam

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