Purse: "Neoliberalism has latinoamericanizado Europe"

Purse: "Neoliberalism has latinoamericanizado Europe" -

The results of the municipal elections held in Spain showed the world that the European country is going through major political changes. (See: "Spain: The PP Rajoy won but he gave power to the left")

Juan Carlos Wallet , one of the leaders of the movement of indignados 15M , acknowledged that the "scenario is very complex and it's all open."

the Spanish politician, in an interview with the program look who's Talking , provided a look at the consequences of local elections, anticipating the elections that will lead to power the next president or will keep Mariano Rajoy in office.

Wallet noted an incipient "rupture of an existing system for nearly three decades with two strong parties, which called for major changes to allow new political forces from entering the system. "

The leader said that this model in crisis is not only in Spain, but is being discussed throughout Europe. Neoliberalism has "latinoamericanizado to Europe in terms of the years` 80, "said the academic

Anyway, Wallet called prudence analysts." When you change something structurally, it is not known well where you are going to walk. While the end of bipartisanship occurs, no majority victories of any political force. "

the political leader gave his critical gaze also against the other new force Citizens . "Business groups that have chosen Citizens now in a dead end," Wallet said referring to the new right group failed to replace the bases of the Popular Party. "The PP, which has been the traditional defender of these interests, they will be held accountable" these entrepreneurs, he said.

Wallet anticipated that if in the coming months the Citizens Party is supporting the PP, " which is his own spin-off "will mean the disappearance of this new grouping.

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