Venezuela: stop the mayor of Caracas accused of coup

Venezuela: stop the mayor of Caracas accused of coup -

The opposition mayor of Caracas and Antonio Ledezma , was arrested Thursday by officials Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin) at the headquarters of his party from the center of the city, informed Efe near the Venezuelan political sources.

the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro said on national TV that Ledezma "intends to use the dual-band, legal to search violence public office, the coup attempt, destabilization".

the Venezuelan president said that the mayor of Caracas will be prosecuted by justice "for all crimes against the peace of the country."

Ledezma was in his office party headquarters in the EXA Tower in the district of El Rosal in eastern Caracas when officials SEBIN arrested him and searched his office, the sources said.

last week the mayor of the Libertador municipality of Caracas, the Chavista Jorge Rodriguez accused Ledezma and opposition lawmaker Julio Borges of being the masterminds of the attempted coup of disjointed state, as announced by the Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, a day before it would be carried out on 12 February.

the president of the Venezuelan parliament, the ruling Diosdado Cabello said his part in the alleged plot, identified as "Jericho plan" were involved the Ledezma, Borges, Maria Corina Machado and Diego Arria, former ambassador of Venezuela to the UN opponents.

Ledezma - mayor of Caracas since 08 then rejected those accusations and said that "so far Maduro regime and are 12 alleged coups. Here those golpismo in the marrows are these gentlemen who are in the government. "

" The government talks of movements of destabilization, and what destabilizes the country is corruption " he added.

the opposition deputy Richard Blanco , pertaining to the party of Ledezma, Alianza Bravo Pueblo (ABP), and the opposition leader Maria Corina Machado, who came today place of detention, assured reporters that agents SEBIN fired in the air, they broke down the doors of the office of metropolitan mayor and took him away handcuffed.

White and Machado moved below the SEBIN headquarters in Venezuela square of the capital, where they took the detained mayor.

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