They made it out of Potosi Argentine stranded in the city

They made it out of Potosi Argentine stranded in the city -

are free now seventy Argentine tourists who were stranded in Potosi , by the indefinite strike in various sectors workers of Bolivia, especially the mining sector.

they finished crossing the eighth checkpoint after nearly a week of waiting, and already heading are to Argentina.

the efforts of the Provincial Government next to the dialogue established Francisco Tamarit , the rector of University of Córdoba (UNC), with his counterpart at the University of Potosi were paramount to achieve leaving the country Argentines, including four Cordovan families.

At the request of the Minister of Communication and Development Estratéfico Cordoba Jorge Lawson Tamarit had started a few hours ago with his counterpart from the Autonomous University Tomas Frias a mediation process to try find a solution to the problem.

the strike of the Bolivian workers who already has spent more than 10 days had isolated the department due to the blockades on the roads, prohibiting the entry or exit of any person.

Argentine tourists trapped by the conflict lived a desperate situation.

protesters demanding compliance with 26 points including hydroelectric plants, hospitals, an international bridge in Villazon, roads, an airport and several factories in addition to improvements in energy, mining, health and education.

are already free the tourists who were stranded in Potosi, by the indefinite strike different sectors of workers in Bolivia.
They finished crossing the eighth catch and are already way to Argentina.
The efforts of the provincial government along with the rector of the UNC, Francisco Tamarit were fundamental to achieve kicked off the Argentine seventy
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