Vulture funds: the hunting season starts in September

Vulture funds: the hunting season starts in September -

Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon , recognized the leadership of the Argentine government in the process of restructuration of sovereign debt in the context of his meeting today with Foreign Minister Hector Timerman in the headquarters.

in this context, Timerman said his confidence that in next United Nations General Assembly , which will be held on September 10, the resolution establishing rules for the restructuring of sovereign debt is approved.

After the meeting, self Ban Ki-moon issued a statement on the meeting, which explained that with Timerman spoke of Argentina's debt and "the implications of the Argentine case for the restructuring efforts of sovereign debt."

also, he said, both considered the draft resolution on the Basic Principles on the restructuring of sovereign debt to be voted in the General Assembly in September.

in this context, he said the UN, "the Secretary General expressed his appreciation for the leadership of the Argentine Government on this matter and continued support for the United Nations. "

Subsequently, Timerman Chancellor, accompanied by Argentina's ambassador to the UN, Maria Cristina Perceval, spoke with the press to give more details about the meeting and noted his confidence that the next UN General assembly resolution to address the restructuring of sovereign debt will be approved.

reported that during the meeting with secretary General UN, Ban Ki-moon, "we discussed the role of debt, the process of negotiations on foreign debts of member countries of the United Nations" and on "the agreements we have reached proposed by G77 more China on the need to reach a principle governing the way the foreign debt is negotiated by countries (comprising 134 countries ensures a majority vote block), and the fundamental role that debt in political and social instability in many countries in Africa and Latin America. "

He stated that" we are at the end of the negotiation process and presented a resolution and will go to a vote within the General assembly of the UN on 10 September next "day" all countries of the UN will vote believe that mainly by the adoption of basic principles specifying how to solve one of the most serious problems they are facing countries developing. "

noted that" we talked about the need to be the general assembly, which 40 years ago already dealt with the issue of external debt and then was relegated by the most powerful countries such as subject not it was of interest to them and that was at the request of Argentina that the G77 plus China took the issue of debt. "

" was reached important consensus showing the need to agree a reform of the UN which the General assembly has a power that was given many years ago and was then absorbed by the Security Council, "he said.

he argued that the General assembly of the UN is" where the true global democracy works where all all countries have one vote and the ability to speak and there will have to solve these problems. "

concluded that" we believe that September 10 will approve the resolution on issue of debt and the basis on which a new vision on the need to solve the problems of debt that do not affect the sovereignty of countries "builded

Source:. Telam

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