Barack Obama: "The biggest threat is climate change"

Barack Obama: "The biggest threat is climate change" -

President United States Barack Obama warned that no greatest threat to future generations that climate change, presenting his plan to reduce carbon emissions from power plants, the country

"we are here to announce the plan for clean energy. sued two years, but it is the most important step that the United States has given on climate change, "Obama said during a ceremony at the White House.

the so-called" Plan Clean Energy "presented today by Obama seeks US reduce by 2030 32% carbon emissions from power plants, compared to 05 levels, the news agency reported EFE .

in his speech, the Democratic president recalled that of these power plants be "approximately one third" of the total carbon pollution in the country. "Nothing more threat to our future and that of future generations as climate change," said the president

the US president also stressed that, according to the Pentagon, the effects of climate change is already putting even "at risk" the national security of the United States.

"we have faced in six years many challenges, from recession to rebuilding the economy but am convinced that nothing threatens more our future, "he said while stressed the need to" ensure that there is clean water and air and a future for our children. "

During his presentation of the plan, the head of state cited the encyclical "Laudato si" Pope Francisco in point which speaks of "combating global change is a moral obligation."

"with our plan, there will be 0,000 asthma attacks in children less than one year," he said

. Source: Telam

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