Chile erupted volcano Villarrica, Pucon evacuate

Chile erupted volcano Villarrica, Pucon evacuate -

This morning, after several weeks of increased activity, the Villarrica volcano entered erupting. This was said observers who were in the vicinity of the massif, they heard a roar and witnessed the emission of lava from the crater.

The situation at the volcano had forced the authorities to orange alert decree Monday. After confirming the phenomenon recorded in the last hours, the mayor of the Metropolitan Region, Francisco Huenchumilla said that the condition had risen to Red Alert.

The regional chief also called for calm and assured the public that the authorities are arranging measures to address the situation by activating the protocols provided for this case. Similarly, the suspension of classes in Pucon, Villarrica and Curarrehue prepared.

The eruption began about 03:00 hours on Tuesday, with the upwelling of lava from the crater dripping down the sides. It was also perceived a succession of bursts coming from the solid, according to witnesses.

The waters of nearby Lake Villarrica lit with the flash coming from the mountain. The activity began to decline around 04:00 hours. The city of Pucon said this morning that he had alerted the public about the situation that exists in the mountains.

"It is a rash, but not continuous. I have experience of five eruptions here," he said the mayor, Carlos Barra, told Radio Bio Bio.

Meanwhile, inhabitants of Pucon and other areas near the mountain began to evacuate preventively home moments after the sudden increase in activity of the volcano was found.

the mayor noted that until this morning there had been no injuries due to emergency or infrastructure damage or road cuts. He added that during an overflight this morning in order to ascertain the situation in the crater would be made, as indicated to the channel CNN Chile.


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