Somalia: 21 dead after two explosions a car bomb

Somalia: 21 dead after two explosions a car bomb -

At least 21 people were killed and several injured in Mogadishu after a car bomb exploded outside a renowned hotel in the Somali capital and several armed men from entering the place and initiate a firefight.

it is believed that among the dead would be the Somali ambassador to the UN office in Geneva Yusuf Mohamed Ismail Bari-Bari , who was in the Mala hotel to Mukarama with several politicians, diplomats and journalists, he reported the news agency EFE.

security forces regained control of a portion of hotel although they believe that some attackers remain inside the building.

"We believe that the assailants there were nine. Six of them have died," said Ismail Olow, police spokesman, adding that the other three would be "hidden" in the inside the establishment.

the police official Mohamed Dahir said that among the dead were several members of hotel security, according to the German news agency DPA.

the Islamist militia Al Shabaab, which in 2012 announced its formal accession to Al Qaeda, claimed responsibility for the fact

in recent months has attacked several hotels in which politicians were staying.; The most recent attack was on 20 February, against Central Hotel, an establishment which is just 0 meters from the presidential palace in Mogadishu.

Also, on January 22, Al Shabaab attempted with a car bomb against another downtown hotel in the city, where a Turkish delegation that prepared the visit of the president of the country he was staying, and caused at least four deaths.

the Al Shabaab militia fighting to establish an Islamic state court Wahhabi in Somalia.

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