Mexico accuses US for not extraditing Guzman accomplice

Mexico accuses US for not extraditing Guzman accomplice -

government Mexico accused of United States violating "-shaped serious "the Extradition Treaty that both countries signed, in the case of release, in April 2013, the main money launderer bonnet fugitive drug Joaquin" El Chapo "Guzman .

Alfonso Alatorre , alias "El Piri", was arrested on November 8, 07, in Huixquilucan, state of Mexico, on the eastern outskirts of the capital, accused, among other crimes, to manage through an exchange house purchase aircraft in which "El Chapo" transported tons of cocaine.

the Attorney General made two counts of money laundering but in November 2012 a judge authorized his extradition to be tried by a Federal Court of Southern Florida in Miami District.

the US government promised to return to Mexico once condemned to continue two previous trials in this country, but the US Attorney Department justice case manager, ignored the agreement and made to plead guilty for money laundering but not for drug trafficking and was sentenced in April 2013 to 65 months in prison.

the man was released 11 days after ruling his sentence because I thought he had already served his sentence.

the issue publicly resurfaces because the US government criticized the Mexican not be extradited to his country "El Chapo", evaded two weeks in jail high ago safety through a tunnel.

the escape of the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel caused the change of various officials and the arrest of 22 people, although only three were submitted so far to process.

These employees low hierarchy. two custodians of the super guarded prison, located 0 kilometers west of the capital, and a charge control center monitors

the head of the control Centre acted "belatedly during the flight" and the guard and prisons did not answer phone calls when Guzman was fleeing through a passageway 15 meters deep and 1,500 meters long that ended at a house under construction.

the rest were released from liability because the judge Leonardo González found no merit nor found the evidence presented by the prosecution robust enough to prosecute

. Source: Telam / DPA Agency

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