Call for mobilization in support Dilma Rousseff

Call for mobilization in support Dilma Rousseff -

social movements, unions and activists of the ruling Workers Party (PT) of Brazil called tomorrow to mobilize cities across the country to defend the administration of president Dilma Rousseff and democracy, after the opposition march faced by the government last Sunday.

response and signal support under the slogan of defending democracy against attacks that "do not hide their conservative and anti-democratic purposes", it will be held tomorrow a march in an adverse to the government of Rousseff passing through a severe economic crisis time.

the call also given a political day in which it was learned that the Attorney General Rodrigo Janot , submit to the Supreme Federal Court-the highest court in Brazil a complaint against president the Chamber of Deputies and flamboyant opposition to the government, Eduardo Cunha, corruption and money laundering in the field of research related to Petrobras.

the complaint comes after one of detainees agreed to testify in exchange for a reduced sentence, where he accused Cunha receiving a bribe of five million dollars in exchange for facilitating contracts between Samsung and Petrobras, and caused commotion as the head of the Chamber of Deputies is one of the biggest drivers of a possible impeachment of Rousseff and one of the promoters of the march on Sunday.

on the other hand, the opposition Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB), whose candidate, Aécio Neves , lost last year by just three points balloting against Rousseff, took advantage of the crisis and led the way last Sunday carrying as slogans "Out Dilma outside PT."

Even after the demonstration, another of its leaders, former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso recommended Rousseff assume an "act of greatness" and leaves office.

according to the act of the call, a 15-convenor take to the streets tomorrow in defense of social rights, freedom and democracy, and against the "right-wing offensive."

According to the president of the National Union of Students (UNE) Carina Vitral , one of the founding organizations, the march tomorrow will be a counterpoint to the events of Sunday. "This march rejects the possibility of impeachment of President Dilma, calls to respect democracy, the people's will and understand that there is no evidence of corruption, nor accusation against the president," Vitral said as appropriated PT Agency.

according to the ruling, movements want to discuss the direction of the government and the country and try to work together to find solutions to the resumption of economic growth, under the proposed Agenda Brazil, developed by social movements with a focus "by left". "We want to propose an agenda of popular reform," Vitral said.

For the National Coordinator of the Movement of the Homeless (MTST), Guilherme Boulos, the act is "a counterpoint to the offensive right, the intolerance, the most conservative guidelines that the National Congress has carried out. "

According to the state president of the CUT (Workers Central) San Pablo, Adir dos Santos Lima, demonstrations have a greater weight ten capital, where protesters seek to call the whole society to defend democracy and make it clear that they do not accept any kind of intimidation, referring to recent attacks on the headquarters of the Lula Institute.

source: Telam

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