"America needs a pretext to invade Venezuela"

"America needs a pretext to invade Venezuela" -

This week, US President Barack Obama ordered implement sanctions against several prominent figures from the Venezuelan government and declared a situation of "national emergency" by the "extraordinary risk" posed by the situation in that country for the security of the United States.

the American political analyst James Petras criticized the move Washington government and hypothesized that spot behind the threat to Venezuela, there is an intention to destabilize regional blocs in Latin America. (See: Obama declares Venezuela "threat to national security")

"No one takes seriously the accusation of Obama, is totally out of reality the United States. have warships and military bases in Colombia, the threat is from Washington to Venezuela, not the other way (...) Obama gun this mounting military pressure, because they need a pretext to invade Venezuela, "said sociologist in dialogue with the program Look who's Talking of Radio Universidad .

Petras stated that Washington while trying to overthrow the government of Nicolas Maduro and the presidential decree is the last choice of a path of failure: "it started in 2013, when the US supported the campaign of Enrique Capriles when he failed the election, began a campaign of delegitimization and then the option of internal coup (.. ..) This effort also failed, leaving only the possibility of a US invasion to overthrow the government, "he reviewed.

on how would the United States to break in the Caribbean country, Petras he said there is an intervention overnight but a process of attrition where cr ean objective conditions to generate an atmosphere of conflict and finally use the pretext of humanitarian intervention and invade the country.

"America needs an internal active support and that is what we are trying to create in the coming months. Large-scale demonstrations to provoke violent repression sectors needed to maintain order, and there terrorists and snipers (...) appear When this situation leads to a response in these circumstances Washington will present its invasion as a favor, "said Petras.

According understands the American political scientist, USA wants to eliminate the revolutionary government of Venezuela to destabilize one of impellers countries of Latin American regional organization, with the intention of weakening the UNASUR, ALBA, Mercosur and CELAC. (See: "It is a blow to relations between the US and South America")

" there are a hit today, it is a test, to see how they react and how they react Venezuelans Latin America (...) the ultimate goal of North America is to dominate Latin America through free trade agreements, "he said.

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