Francisco came to Ecuador kicking off their South American tour

Francisco came to Ecuador kicking off their South American tour -

The Alitalia plane that brought Pope Francisco from Rome landed at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport Quito 15 minutes ahead of schedule and despite a bad move with the wind, which blew the skullcap, the pontiff came down with a smile and walked the red carpet, flanked by young people with the flags of the Vatican and Ecuador, to shake hands with Rafael Correa .

"we can find in the Gospel the keys that allow us to face the current challenges, valuing differences, promoting dialogue and participation without exclusions for achievements in progress and development being achieved consolidate and ensure a better future for all, "the Pope said in the first speech of his trip, which also includes Bolivia and Paraguay.

in this regard urged to" pay special attention in the most fragile brothers and the most vulnerable minorities, which are the debt that still has all of Latin America. "

Francis thanked God for having" allowed to return to Latin America and be in this beautiful land of Ecuador " and recalled that visited the country on several occasions in the past for pastoral reasons

Prior to the words of Jorge Bergoglio, President Correa repeated his comment that much media coverage had last week. "the pope is Argentine (president) Dilma Rousseff said that the Pope will be Argentine but God is Brazilian, but surely Paradise is Ecuadorian welcome His Holiness. "

He spoke of" social sin of injustice "and that framework wondered "how can it be that Latin America remains the most Christian region of the world is the most unequal when sharing bread is a precept."

leaving the airport Francisco will move in a car on Route live to the cemetery of Monte Olivo where you change the Popemobile, a model jeep Wrangler white Sport adapted to emulate the typical vehicle pontiff with a walk outdoors.

from this point and can be observed by a crowd people early and mobilizing walk due to the closure to traffic for safety greet the Pope, who advance through the avenues of the Granados and December 6 to reach the Nunciature, where he will stay during your stay.

Source: Telam

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