Rousseff denies modify cabinet minister after resignation

Rousseff denies modify cabinet minister after resignation -

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff , he denied intentions to promote reform in the cabinet to face the economic situation and policy of the country, following the resignation last night, the Education Minister Cid Gomes , for a heated discussion with members of Congress.

"(the press) is creating a ministerial reform does not exist. I will make specific changes. I had no prospect of changing anything or anyone, but circumstances force me to do so, as was the case of the Ministry of Education, "said today the head of state.

in a press conference he gave after a ceremony at the Planalto Palace, seat of government, Rousseff addressed the new situation created on the output of Minister Gomes, who resigned last night after just over two months in office.

According to local press, Rousseff intended to take advantage of the replacement of the minister of Education to undertake further reform of the cabinet to enable it to strengthen its management to the current adverse situation.

the President, who took office on 1 last January his second term, put in office only two months ago and half a cabinet in which they representing the nearly ten parties supporting his government.

the denied by the president versions indicated that his predecessor and political godfather, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, advised him to change his current Minister of the Presidency, Aloizio Mercadante, and holders of the portfolios responsible for negotiations with Congress.

"There will be no ministerial reform" because "ministers change does not solve problems." He added:. "What solves is what we are doing, which is to implement the necessary measures to address the problems," said the president

The President said he will announce the new Minister of Education as quickly as possible and hinted that prefer a partner with a more technical profile that can implement the reforms advocated in the election campaign last year: "I want to choose a person that is good for education and not a person of this or any other party, "he said.

Gomes, former congressman and former governor of the northeastern state of Ceara no experience in education, was included in the cabinet's second term Rousseff as the share of the Republican party Social Order (PROS), one of the formations that supported the reelection of the president.

the minister resigned yesterday after starring in a heated discussion in the Chamber of Deputies with lawmakers from the ruling basis, which accused of creating difficulties for the government and vote aligned with the opposition to make personal gain.

the statements triggered discussions in the House and threats of some deputies actually aligned with the opposition if the minister was not sacked.

in addition, versions on the possible ministerial reform increased today after Vice President Michel Temer, the centrist Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), senior partner of the heterogeneous ruling coalition, in an interview with GloboNews channel broadcast last night, and recorded before the resignation of Gomes claimed that it was possible some change over administrative nature in the area.

amid the economic crisis, protests against his government and the sharp drop in its popularity, Rousseff also faces the deterioration of relations with the PMDB, which could be decisive in voting key projects in Congress, so analysts had anticipated a reform that attempted to expand the presence of the PMDB in the government coalition and and try to regain the support of the centrist grouping.

Source: Telam

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